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  1. wakjob

    First Marshall for a Fender/Vox guy: 2061x or SV20H with 2061cx

    As a devout Fender nut myself... Marshall Vintage Modern. It's the only Marshall amp I've ever played that has that fat Fender-like "GONG" on the low end. Might save you a little money as the VM's aren't in vogue ATM.
  2. wakjob

    I want to fatten up the tone of my stock 2203.

    Late to the party... I never liked totally removing the treble peaking circuits, but I have enjoyed playing around with different values in there. But a fix resonance control is the simplest way to add fullness without tubbiness. 220-330k resistor bootstrapped over a .0022uF cap on the end of...
  3. wakjob

    Cool Marshall video

    One of the many places I'd like to visit in the UK. Maybe some day. Thanks for the post!
  4. wakjob

    Love for DiMarzio Area 58's and other Area Style Pickups....

    People sleep on Dimarzio too much these days with all the choices out there. The Area 58 is probably my favorite silent single coil. They really nailed that one. Area 58 neck & middle... Cruiser bridge. Amazing set up. Johnny Hiland and other Nashville beasts are shocked at how good Dimarzio...
  5. wakjob

    The particularities about Eddie Van Halen plexi 12301

    Lets not forget both Reinhold Bogner and Mike Soldano have been inside that amp too, and have confirmed 'No mods', but questionable component values. Gotta love the internet... no more secrets.
  6. wakjob

    NAD: The PRS HDRX 20 has arrived!

    $1.19 US Dollar = 1 UK pound. Thomann price is 739 pounds. Plus the insane price in shipping containers now. And whatever the customs charges are. There is no import duties/tax on UK to US. Doesn't add up to me. So my Marshall loyalty is solely focused on the used market where someone in a...
  7. wakjob


    Not 100% true across the board ( sorry for the bad pun :erk:). Yeah, the 80's/90's Fender, Marshall, Peavey, Engl ( horrible boards & traces ) ... those mass production amps with ribbon cables, all garbage. Take a look at the boards Friedman, Fryette, Soldano, ect... is using. Those will take...
  8. wakjob

    Putting out a feeler...

    I wish I could. My situation is a lot a bit messed up right now. Plus not having tools or skills needed 😂
  9. wakjob

    Putting out a feeler...

    I'm willing trade a 5e3 Tweed Deluxe cabinet for a head shell version so I can convert my amp to a head. I'll even sweeten the pot and throw in a 10" speaker ring adapter and a Eminence 1028K alnico speaker. I also have an Eminence 12" Maverick attenuating speaker I could swap in for you...
  10. wakjob

    Hahaha metaverse

    Yeah Vin, this is a great topic which all leads to transhumanism. What is reality? Are we in the matrix already? Electro/chemical it illusionary?'s a tuffy. The curious nature of humans will never change, but we need to know when to apply the brakes. The flaw of...
  11. wakjob


    PCB for me... Sound wise there can be zero difference. I no longer have an interest in spending my money on something that just "close" and have all kinds of thoughts about how I can make it more to my liking. If it doesn't blow up my skirt as is... I just walk away. PCB is far superior in...
  12. wakjob

    Hahaha metaverse

    This thing will flop as bad as NFT's and the Crypto market... In hard times, which we haven't even started yet... and it's coming, people flock to real tangible assets.
  13. wakjob

    Why no arrogant posters in here?

    Sorry buddy, I don't follow much of any forum drama. I had no idea. No offense my friend. P.S. If there are females here, then that's just awesome. Always good to have different perspectives on some of the topics that come up here. To everyone... :cheers:
  14. wakjob

    Why no arrogant posters in here?

    I'd wager 100% of this forum is dicks. :naughty: We had a girl once.... Vin scared her off.
  15. wakjob

    MOSFET 3210 noise floor: what is normal

    Remember, just b/c it's a SS amp doesn't mean it won't need a full filter cap job at some point...which that amp is probably beyond.
  16. wakjob

    20 Watt Speaker for 20 Watt Amp?

    A lot of amps come from factory biased cold and running below the advertised wattage. We as owners correct that. Parallel that with the fact that most speakers can handle above and beyond their capacity, and well... we worry a bit too much.
  17. wakjob

    Incoming NAD, Randall RD45H

    Bitchin amps. The company owner is a bit controversial, but he has great ears for tuning in high-gain amps. I really like my RD-1 and the RD-5. Perfect for home use.
  18. wakjob

    NAD! 1983 JCM800 2204 with Cab!!!

    Life is good when you have a 2204. Sweet...enjoy!
  19. wakjob

    Origin Clips Only please

    Yeah, maybe I'm thinking it was a DSL model that was on a crazy sale. But for sure Marshall moved out a lot of Origin amps before the Studio series launched...