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  1. WellBurnTheSky

    New Waza pedal released. Guess which one?

    He's my hero (and John Norum's, who's another of my heroes, as well), and this era of his career is my absolute favorite. He pretty much embodied all I ever strived to be as a guitar player...scratch that, as a musician. Oh I totally agree. Another great cover he was doing back then is Free's...
  2. WellBurnTheSky

    Rock & Roll isn't dead yet but they're trying to kill us!!

    Because these guys tend to lack any sense of humor (though in fairness, those that do usually are great human beings).
  3. WellBurnTheSky

    Rock & Roll isn't dead yet but they're trying to kill us!!

    If for some reason I were to rehearse in a church, I'd make a point of only playing Black Sabbath, Ghost, Venom and Slayer songs. Could be fun (albeit for a short time).
  4. WellBurnTheSky

    Motley Crue / Def Leppard / Joan Jett / Poison Stadium Tour.

    Definitely. A band won't get anywhere without good songs, and Nikki Sixx has written many GREAT ones. I mean, Live Wire,Too Young Too Fall In Love, Kickstart My Heart, Home Sweet Home, Dr Feelgood...many people out there (me included) who would give much to have written just one of those. Hell...
  5. WellBurnTheSky

    New Waza pedal released. Guess which one?

    Honestly, when used in front of a cooking Superlead or 2203, going from a pedal to another mostly changes how squishy or percussive your tone is, and how dynamic the rig feels. Which is hard to convey into words, is very guitar- and playing-dependant, and at the end of the day is how you...
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    New Waza pedal released. Guess which one?

    A Strat, a DS-1, a Marshall...doesn't sound like mud to me ;) Replace the Strat with a LP Jr, still ridiculous (and Norum is a GM worshipper, and always said he modelled his rig -same Strat/DS-1/Marshall- after Gary Moore)
  7. WellBurnTheSky

    Favorite Recorded Marshalls on a Song or Album (legendary or current)

    I'm a kid of 80s hard rock, so (in no particular order)...
  8. WellBurnTheSky

    New Waza pedal released. Guess which one?

    I was considering getting an old one, so I'll probably end up with one of these eventually... Especially at the 150-ish price tag (it's 156€ at Thomann).
  9. WellBurnTheSky

    Your favorite delay and chorus settings

    For delay, when using it for leads, quarter notes, 3-4 repeats, 10-15% mix (a tad higher with a darker sounding delay). Also works in stereo as a ping pong delay. And there's also the "Edge" setting of two cascading delays, one set for 1 repeats, 1/16th note, almost as loud as the direct signal...
  10. WellBurnTheSky

    Drum mics

    I'm mostly a live engineer these days, but my recommendation would be to start simple, with as few mics as possible, to minimise phasing issues. Also, it force the drummer into being balanced, ie actually hitting skins properly and not thrashing cymbals like the average moron drummer usually...
  11. WellBurnTheSky

    Anybody ever used the Exar Electronix OD-1 Overdrive?

    Nope, the OD-1 modelled in the Bonsai is the Boss OD-1, which is the first iteration of the TS/SD-1 circuit (minus the tone circuitry, and using a single opamp), and was released in 1977 (even before the TS-808) and retired in 1985. It also is the very first Boss compact pedal. The difference...
  12. WellBurnTheSky

    Electric guitar microphones

    The Beyerdynamic M88 is another solid choice for electric guitar. Dynamic capsule as well, and kinda fatter that the trusty 57.
  13. WellBurnTheSky

    Must have 80's Hair Metal Pedals

    You basically need a boost (Boss SD-1 or GE-7, or any variation of the Tube Screamer) and a chorus (Boss CE-2 is the obvious choice) for the front end, and then some "rack-like" delay (Boss DD-200 or DD-500, Strymon Dig), as they almost all used rackmount gear. Then depending on who you want to...
  14. WellBurnTheSky

    Ok MFers, Explain the Fulltone OCD Overdrive Pedal as it relates to your rig.

    Except for the way clipping is implemented, which makes a huge difference (the MicroAmp is the basic same circuit, minus the clipping).
  15. WellBurnTheSky

    Ok MFers, Explain the Fulltone OCD Overdrive Pedal as it relates to your rig.

    The iteration I use (I've built 3 clones so far, gifted one to a friend) is the v1.3, which is the last one using symmetrical mosfet clipping (and no Ge diode), making it closer to the Voodoo Lab Overdrive it originally was based on. To my ear, it's less fuzzy and squishy, and smoother than...
  16. WellBurnTheSky

    Bridge humbucker with bite, tight low end, lots of treble

    I really like the JB, it does the "big" rock/hard rock/heavy metal thing perfectly (for good reason, they all used either that, a Super Distortion or a X2N). On my newer partscaster, I've used a Bareknuckles Bootcamp True Grit, which is pretty reminiscent of the JB, but with less of a high mids...
  17. WellBurnTheSky

    Di Marzio Bridge Pickup for one of My Strats: DP420 Virtual Solo or DP423 Injector??

    DC resistance in a vacuum doesn't mean as much as most think, the wire gauge and magnets used will change the pickup output a lot. Back to your question: since you already know the Virtual Solo doesn't work for you, I'd try the Injector. And if you want a SC, use a SC, a humbucker even split/in...
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    DS-1 to the rescue

    That's pretty much Steve Rothery's rig (along with an EMG-loaded Strat), sounds massive (the killer playing doesn't hurt of course):
  19. WellBurnTheSky

    DS-1 to the rescue

    Another stellar example of the Strat-DS1-Marshall setup: And yes, Norum always said how much he owes to Moore (very obvious influence here), he now owns the white RI62 Strat played on the Emerald Aisles concert btw.