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  1. Lespaulnmarshall

    Any of these Marshalls worth buying?

    If I were you I'd try to get the mid 70's super lead 100 watt for 550 and have it checked out by a tech. I'm from holland and 600 is an average price for a 6100 over here but it sure is a nice amp at a great price.
  2. Lespaulnmarshall

    Behringer Pedals - Why So Inexpensive?

    Ha same here!!
  3. Lespaulnmarshall

    Behringer Pedals - Why So Inexpensive?

    Behringer just isn't that good. Which i know from my own experience. I had a couple that i've used once or twice, then stored them in my 'pedal closet'. Took em out a couple month later and both of them didn't work anymore. You're right, you get what you pay for, nowdays, but back in the day...
  4. Lespaulnmarshall

    2005 LP STD Faded Honeyburst

    Nice axe bro. After having done some upgrades to it my standard faded is probably the best guitar i've ever had or played. One of the best kept secrets in the guitar world. I think the tone is so good because it doesn't have a (thick) layer of nitrocellulose over it which allows the wood to breathe.
  5. Lespaulnmarshall

    Finally, the best reverb pedal ever

    You should try the dr. Scientist reverberator too
  6. Lespaulnmarshall

    Luthier Made vs Gibson Historics vs Other Types of LP's

    The historics are really really good. If I were you i'd get an R8 and, if you really have to, mod it.
  7. Lespaulnmarshall

    EH Memory Toy

    If you need 300ms or less get a way huge aqua puss RI. My favourite analog delay.
  8. Lespaulnmarshall

    Marshall power brake worth buying?

    I sold mine too. Didn't like it at all.
  9. Lespaulnmarshall

    Anyone try the Golden Cello yet?

    Bjorn juhl built that with some retarded GC guy who wanted a delay and overdrive in one. Bjorn builds some of the greatest pedals available these days, so the sounds must be pretty damn good, but having a delay and od in one box without a loop built in makes the pedal useless when using it in...
  10. Lespaulnmarshall

    Here's why you need a Telecaster....

    I love greg weider. His tone is really stunning. Analogman often builds pedals for him.
  11. Lespaulnmarshall

    Marshall Forum Song Competition!

    I'm working on a song right now. It's a blend of country, rock n' roll and classic rock ala Led Zep. Not sure if i'm going to finish it in time.
  12. Lespaulnmarshall

    Dimed Marshall, who's done it and for How Long?

    My EVM12L's are the best speakers I've ever used!!!
  13. Lespaulnmarshall

    Dimed Marshall, who's done it and for How Long?

    My 1987x sounds best with the ppimv all the way up. So I run the volume on 7-8 and the ppimv all the way up. I really DIMED the amp a couple times, but it's not for me. I really prefer the knobs backed off a bit for a tighter tone. But if I were doing cream songs all the time with my band I'd...
  14. Lespaulnmarshall

    Show Us Your Tone Stack

    Yup it is. But even though it has a spring reverb tank and it's tube driven it's not a very good reverb. It's the reverb circuit that's not very good and the reverb tank is quite small too. If you leave it stock the reverb is very subtle and hard to hear in a band mix. The reverb knob seems to...
  15. Lespaulnmarshall

    Show Us Your Tone Stack

    Yeah the boogie sounds very nice. It has some mods done to it to make it sound a bit more like a dumble, and I found a setting that really gets the dumble tone spot on. But it can still do mesa/boogie MK III tones when needed. I really love that amp. The sounds I get from it are wonderful. I...
  16. Lespaulnmarshall

    Show Us Your Tone Stack

    I don't have any pics of my other amps.
  17. Lespaulnmarshall

    Opinions needed! Good, but cheap OD pedal?

    For a ts808 style od try a lovepedal kalamazoo.For a transparent od try a barber ltd.
  18. Lespaulnmarshall

    I just purchased a new pedal.... Need some help!!

    Thanks man! I have one and it does great leslie sounds too. I really love it. I was lookig for a used analogman chorus but couldn't find one so I bought this one and I'm very happy with it.
  19. Lespaulnmarshall

    I just purchased a new pedal.... Need some help!!

    With the purchase of my thc chorus my awsome three months ended. Damn those months were awsome. Replaced all pedals on my board (+-12 pedals) and more. Have you tried the thc chorus? THC Chorus by Homebrew Electronics - YouTube