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    One of those great days! 1971 Super Tremelo and Super Lead

    I had one of those epic acquisition day’s earlier this week. An add popped up for a Super Tremolo and a Super Lead. I have been gassing for a Super Tremolo, so I jumped on it and told the dude I would take them both. Then he asked me if I want a cab for $500 and I told him I would consider it...
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    Looking at a Super Bass100w

    I have a chance to buy a 1969/70 Super Bass and I just received some gut shots. I’m no tech, but I can tell at the very least the power cord was changed to a plug and caps have been replaced. I would appreciate it greatly if some you gurus out there could chime in and let me know, it this amp is...
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    Help needed to date this greenback!

    I feel lame that I can’t figure this out, but I know someone here will know when these speakers were made. The cabs for sale and I was told it was a 1969. Maybe the cabinet is? But at the moment I’m trying to figure out the speakers. Thank you in advance for your assistance! A little more info...
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    Is this a 1974 1960a Cab?

    I recently bought this cab in an auction and had limited pics from which to identify it. I was thinking it was a 72’ cab, but based on the speakers I’m pretty sure It is a 74 cab, which means I missed getting Pulsonic cones I was hoping for. Regardless it’s a great looking cab. I will fire it up...
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    What is this head?

    Hello! I have been a long time lurker and truly appreciate the knowledge on this forum. I just pulled the trigger on the head in the pics because I’m thinking it might be some version of a early to mid 60’s JTM 45. I haven’t seen anything else like it, so I’m hopeful someone here has and can...