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  1. renips

    John 5 Season of the Witch. Great Halloween album

    Total Halloween album lol. Loving it right now. Great Tele player.
  2. renips

    Help with Potentiometer

    I need to replace this pot. It is from an old rocktron 300 compressor limiter hush unit. It’s a double potentiometer. Its the control for the compression knob.The number is 4423 djl4. It’s an old unit. Did a search but no luck. Anyone know where I could find a similar one?
  3. renips

    Dark World

    New Song called Dark World Fender Strat 410 JVMHJS JCM 800 1960 lead cab Beta 57,Neumann TLM 102 and MXL Ribbon on cab
  4. renips

    David Gilmour - David Gilmour Album

    amazing fuc$&@ing album. Really digging this vinyl
  5. renips

    New Song - Broken Toys

    New song called Broken Toys Fender Strat JVMHJS JCM800 1960 lead cabinet Blended mics Beta 57 MXL ribbon Neumann TLM 102
  6. renips

    Mini stack project completed

    I finally finished the mini stack project. I got this off of Offer up for $20 ! It was advertised as broken. I recovered them in White tolex with oxblood grill cloth and black piping. I also cut new speaker baffles and put a G 12 65 in the angle cabinet and a GT 75 in the bottom cabinet. Now I...
  7. renips

    2005 MG series mini stack cabinet conversion and makeover

    I picked up an advertised as broken 2005 MG series mini stack from Offer Up. I bought it because it was $20. The logos alone are worth more than that. I decided to convert the 10 “ speakers to 12” speakers. I had a couple of speakers laying around so I figured lets see what happens. While I was...
  8. renips

    Marshall micro speaker jack?

    This is the stock speaker jack for a micro cab I am converting from 10” to a 12 “ speaker. I am re tolexing it and putting new grill cloth in it. Is this jack considered sufficient or is there a better alternative? Where could I get something like these? Also what type of jack is this with small...
  9. renips

    Haze 40 C Sayonara, Goodbye

    New song called Sayonara, Goodbye. I love my HAZE 40c. Awesome amp. Recorded on a Strat into JCM 800 1960 B cabinet Enjoy
  10. renips

    Bringing Me Down A song called Bringing Me Down Telecaster, JVMHJS
  11. renips

    Tele Input Jack fix

    If you own or ever owned a Telecaster you know the dreaded cleat that hold the jack in place always gets loose over time. It grinds into the wood and the jack basically becomes useless. Not sure what Leo Fender was thinking when he did that. It is of such a poor design. I found this. It is the...
  12. renips

    Strawberry Switchblade

    A new song called Strawberry Switchblade. JVMHJS into a JCM800 1960B cabinet mic'd up with MXL ribbon, Shure Beta 57 and Neumann TLM 102 Tele with Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge
  13. renips

    Made a Circle jig for my router

    I built a circle jig for my bosch router. I used scrap plywood about 1/8” thick. Marked it up and sanded it down.That is about the same thickness as the base on the router. My first test cut went ok. I made a 6” hole. After looking at the price of some of the fancy manufactured jigs I decided to...
  14. renips

    Enlarging existing speaker enclosure

    I am replacing the stock 10” speaker in a couple of mini Marshall cabinets with some 12” celestions. What is the best way to for those who have maybe done this to enlarge the existing diameter for cone clearance? Thanks
  15. renips

    Question about cab wiring

    I recently picked up a Marshall mini stack with 10’s. I am going to convert it to 12” speakers. I am going to use the both cabinets with my Haze 40. The speaker jacks are labeled 16 ohm and 8 ohm. Two different jacks. Is it appropriate to run both cabinets , one through the 16 ohm and one...
  16. renips

    New HAZE 40 Head Shell

    Finally I finished my first attempt at making a head shell for my Haze 40. Why should the Haze 15 have all the fun. Going into this I had very limited knowledge of carpentry. I really have a totally new found respect for the people who do this well. The head color is Regency Blue. I ported the...
  17. renips

    Worth mentioning again USA tubes? Hope so
  18. renips

    WTB Marshall 9” or 6” white logo

    Anyone have a 9” or 6” Marshall logo they are looking to sell?
  19. renips

    Amplified Parts discounts for forum members?

    Just wondering if there are any discounts given to forum members?
  20. renips

    Finally made my HAZE 40 c head chassis

    After failing to find a company who was willing to make a head chassis from scratch I finally said fu#%k it and went to lowes to purchase some Spruce Pine Fir. I chose it because it was relatively inexpensive and I have no wood working skills whatsoever and figured I would screw it up at some...

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