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  1. bill bokey

    * MYSTERY *

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold Mystery! Mystery is an amp of my own design, here is the 1x12 combo version. The preamp is pretty simple with only two 12AX7/ECC83 tubes, and 5 knobs : gain, treble, middle, bass and volume (PPIMV). This is the standard version, the one I use for larger venues...
  2. bill bokey

    Super Lead RI high gain mods (videos)

    Here is a Super Lead reissue I just modded : High gain tones : Settings : Master gain pushed (diode clipping) Clean tone : Settings : Master gain pulled (no clipping) PPIMV set to 7 on all three videos. The cab is a Castle Magic Basketweave Replica Cabinet, loaded with...
  3. bill bokey

    SOLD: 1971 Marshall 1960B 4x12 cabinet (restored)

    *** SOLD *** Restored 1971 MARSHALL 1960B cabinet - original metal handles - original logo - new (vintage correct) baffle and rear panel screws - new rear panel (15mm 11-ply baltic birch plywood) - new jack and jack cup - new (vintage correct) 2BA speaker screws - new replica...
  4. bill bokey

    Rose Blue

    Hi! Here are a few tracks I just recorded with my new band, Rose Blue The guitar is Rosy, a custom made Strat-like : And the amp is Mystery 18, an 18 watt combo of my own design : Do hope you like it alright!
  5. bill bokey

    CASTLE MAGIC Super Lead 'West Coast' Replica

    Hi all! I am currently working on a West Coast Replica Here are some photos : It's changed a bit since I took these photos. The power supply is now 600V on the plates and 300V on the screens, through the choke. And here's how it sounds with a West Coast modded Fuzz Face and a...
  6. bill bokey

    JTM50 Replica

    Hi everyone, Here's my latest build, a JTM50 I used mostly NOS components, Marstran 128 OT, Classic Tone choke and Majestic made an outstanding PT for me. Took it to a recording studio to shoot a few videos a few days ago : Here's how it sounds : More to come....
  7. bill bokey

    Lead /Bass switch (1968 Super Bass)

    I just installed (at buyer's request) a Lead / Bass switch on a 1968 Super Bass I recently sold. As I did not want to drill any extra hole in the chassis I used the largest switch I have ever seen (6PDT!!!) : It's located in the extra preamp tube socket hole : Here's a video I might...
  8. bill bokey

    SOLD: 1968 MARSHALL Super Bass

    Fully restored MARSHALLL Super Bass Serial number : SB10338 Original headshell, replacement logo. Made in early 1968 (D7 and A8 mustard caps, 4th quarter 1968 and 1st quarter 1968). There is no date on the inspection sticker (which was unfortunately damaged during the restoration)...
  9. bill bokey

    Wtb: Dagnall T2562 Power Transformer

    I need an original 67/68 100W PT, anybody have one they'd part with ?
  10. bill bokey

    Sold Vintage Drake 784-139 Ot

    Early 70's Drake 784-139 OT Impedance : between 3k3 / 3k4 orange : common yellow : 4 ohm green : 8 ohm grey : 16 ohm 350€
  11. bill bokey

    Sold: Marshall Jmp 2104 50w 2x12 Combo (empty)

    Empty 2104 2x12 combo with both rear panels and all speakers screws. Tolex is in less than average condition. More pics asap 150€ Located in France but can ship anywhere.
  12. bill bokey

    '84 Jcm800 4104 Parts (chassis, Cab, Transformers...)

    This was my main amp until 10 years ago. It was also the first amp I modded. Then I used its chassis to experiment with various circuits, transformers etc... I don't feel like and have not the time to put it back together, I'd rather sell it as parts : 2x12 Cabinet : As you can see I...
  13. bill bokey

    Jtm45 Bluebreaker Combo Do these really go for 20k ?
  14. bill bokey

    Jtm45 Rs Ot I'm looking at buying this OT but I'm not 100% sure it's the real deal (not a fake). Any thoughts ?
  15. bill bokey

    Wtb Jtm45 Ot : Rs Or 784-103

    I need a 60's OT for a JTM45, either RS or Drake 784-103 Anybody got one they'd consider selling ?
  16. bill bokey

    Sold: Marshall Super Lead 100 Limited Edition 1959ltd Purple Half Stack (upgraded)

    Very rare Limited Edition MARSHALL Super Lead 1959LTD Purple half stack. The first 'Hendrix' reissue Super Lead and a very rare one at that ! (only 100 were made) Super Lead 1959LTD 100W head : Originally a standard Super Lead reissue (1959RI), this amp was modded and upgraded by me...
  17. bill bokey

    Super Lead 'west Coast' Replica

    A few pics of the amp I just built, a 68 Super Lead replica with Dave Weyer's specs. Hendrix @ Woodstock tone !!! Cab is a Marshall 1960AHW
  18. bill bokey

    1969 Cabinet Re-tolexing

    Here's a 1969 1960B I just re-tolexed : It was originally red but had been partially de-tolexed : I removed all the remaining tolex, ready to be sanded down : And a few hours later : Some holes had been cut in the rear panel and they had to be filled with pieces of plywood (and...
  19. bill bokey

    Fs : Dagnall C2668 (super Lead Ri Output Transformer)

    I have 3 DAGNALL output transformers for MARSHALL Super Lead (or other 100W versions such as JCM800 2203 or Super Bass) for sale PM if interested
  20. bill bokey

    Sold: '69 Basketweave Cabinet 1982b

    '69 MARSHALL 1982B Made in 1969, three speakers are original to the cab (T1281 w/ GB12 date code, july 69) and one is a replacement from june 1970 (EC19 date code). They all sound diiferent and I guess it's the reason this cab sounds so good ! (check out the soundclip to hear all speakers...

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