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  1. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD = Marshall 1987s

    The wife gave me this for Christmas. Sounds great but could use some fresh tubes. Loud little bugger. I don't know much about the S series but from what I've read there were 100 1959's and 100 1987's made in 1988. What throws me off is the inspection sticker says U.S.A. on it. I'm assuming...
  2. Drinkingdeath01

    Guitar related memes

    We've all seen some and they are funny so let's see yours. matched set of jewelry crossword matched set of jewelry crossword matched set of jewelry crossword
  3. Drinkingdeath01

    Micro stack appreciation thread.

    The minute I laid eyes on one of these in a store years and years ago I fell in love. Years later I finally was able to plug into one and was head over heels smitten with it. They sound so good and they record even better. Anybody else love these as much as I do ? I had a white one but...
  4. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD x 2

    I bought this '79 1959 from the Ted Nugent auction back in the spring. I just now got around to plugging it in after it being in the shop for some time. Sounds great but damn, I forgot how loud these have to be to get some grit. Thankfully I have a Rockcrusher to tame it down. I bought a 2203...
  5. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD Marshall lead 12 combo

    Scored this little guy off of Ebay the other day. The gentleman that sold it had retolexd it and did the 12 inch conversion. Its in great shape and sounds killer. I'm into the 12 inch speaker but it's an Eminence and I feel that Marshall's sound better with a Celestion so I'll probably swap it...
  6. Drinkingdeath01

    Help a brother I.D. a speaker.

    Scored a lead 12 combo off of ebay tonight and it has a 12 inch speaker in it but no I.D. label. Has a model number but when I searched for it online I couldn't find anything. I did learn that the model number also happens to be a zip code for Los Angeles. When I Googled the label, a bunch of...
  7. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD Marshall DSL5R

    I bought this little guy because when I travel I felt I needed some true tube feel. I'll be honest, after being disappointed with the DSL1H, I didn't have much hope, but this little bugger rips !!! It's a no frills five watt amp but damn, it sounds great. I've been playing it in my kitchen for...
  8. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD Marshall JVM410JS

    I bought this a few months ago too. It popped up locally for $1500 with the original box. It's absolutely mint and sounds amazing. I love the standard 410 but this one has a more vintage 800 like voicing. I really like it, its a great amp.
  9. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD Marshall lead 12 Plexi

    After searching for one of these for about 20 years this little guy pops up locally for $400. I couldn't get to the sellers house fast enough. He said the Craigslist ad had only been up for 15 minutes before I called him. Took me 30 minutes to get there and he got six more calls in that time...
  10. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD Marshall 2203kk prototype

    Scored this a couple of months ago. Its one of Kerry's prototype heads that he used on Christ Illusion. I bought it from the estate of his longtime tech Armand Crump. It was still in the original box from Marshall. It sounds much different then the production model. It's darker and sounds more...
  11. Drinkingdeath01

    Sorry I'm late.

    Sorry I've been gone for so long, been a long and busy summer. I hope everyone is well and still have their hearing. I've picked some amps up in the last few months so I'll try and get some NAD posts going. Feels good to be back, I missed you guys.
  12. Drinkingdeath01

    The power of Dewalt compels you.

    I live a little less then two miles from where this current round of riots are happening in Brooklyn Center. No problem, but this damn helicopter keeps stopping and staging right above my house. It sits there for ten minutes then circles around the hot spots and then right back over my house...
  13. Drinkingdeath01

    2210 power tube recommendations??

    I've got an '84 2210 with 6550's and it needs a new set of power tubes. Now this amp was sent to me with a broken tube so I've never played it with the 6550's. I've had them in a 2204 and didn't like them much in that amp. I prefer EL34's. I was wondering if you guys can tell me what your...
  14. Drinkingdeath01

    Rack Stuff

    I rebuilt my rack today with a new case only to realize that I haven't fired it up in years. I can't let it go because I remember how good it sounded, ten years ago. Lol. Anybody else holding onto gear from years past because of nostalgia ?? My plan this summer is to wire it all up and see how...
  15. Drinkingdeath01

    Gooped why ?

    I get that people want to hide their mods but who does this anymore ? I'm not a tech so I'll ask you guys, was this ever acceptable? IDK, it just looks bad and its a huge turn off for me. I was gonna buy this amp but after seeing this I just want to move on. I will check out the amp first...
  16. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD Marshall 6101LE

    Scored this sweet little combo today off of CL for a sweet price. I have a LM in a head but I've always wanted the original too. I'm not big on combos but this little monster is perfect for my new living room rig. Loud, proud and pretty enough for the wife. The tone out of it is typical 6100...
  17. Drinkingdeath01

    NAD Splawn Quickrod

    After seeing Lonewolfs thread on these I picked one up locally for a good price. Not sure what year it is. Has 4 preamp tubes and 4 KT88's for the power section. I've had it a week now and I really love it. Its definitely a Marshall variant. Its has a nice clean and very tight distortion that...
  18. Drinkingdeath01

    Mustaine to Gibson ?

    Sounds like the deal is done. Makes sense because both are out of Nashville. Its a good move by Gibson to finally jump out of the pigeon hole that they've been in for years. The LP and SG's are classics but the younger generation wants a more modern style. Good for them, like it or not any...
  19. Drinkingdeath01

    1972 Marshall 4x15 cabinet

    I have the opportunity to buy an all original 4x15 guitar cab with the original caged Celestion speakers. From the YT videos I've seen it sounds like something I would be interested in but I have no idea what its worth. I did my research and its complete with original grill cloth, tolex, metal...
  20. Drinkingdeath01

    WARNING!! Don't look, its bad.

    So I won a 2210 off of ebay for a good price and this is how those idiots at UPS delivered it. The listing pics show it looking fine and it was packed pretty good. Once I cut away the bubble wrap this is what I found. Now I understand that UPS is more or less regional but it seems like the last...