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  1. jamvu

    Jubilee Jamboree

    So, I was in a long meeting with Mary😉last night and was noodling with my Jubilee/Les Paul Standard combo in the studio. I happened to forget, ahem, to shut off the Jubilee and it has been running on stand by for 24 hours...what a dummy. Anyway, other than wasting some tube life, is there...
  2. jamvu

    The Friedman is For Real

    Hi all, So, I have the following amps in the stable: 1981 Marshall Vertical Input- the sweetest Marshall I have ever owned 1974 Marshall Super Modded by Lee Jackson- face melter 1970 Fillmore West- best sounding bass amp out there, would put it up against anything 1970 Laney Supergroup- raw...
  3. jamvu

    74 Marshall Super Modded-George Lynch

    Hi all, I bought a 74 Marshall head from a respected dealer in RI about 10 years ago. We were there looking at a Super Plexi he had for sale but it was a little beat and didn't sound right. Anyway, since we were there, we looked at this baby in the corner and boy am I glad we did. The amp...
  4. jamvu

    1983 vertical input-tone monster

    Hey, I have a JCM 800 Vertical Input for sale. She was just tuned up by DST Engineering in Beverly, MA. Perfect working condition. She ain't the prettiest girl in the bunch but her tone is amazing. serial# 04303R Manufactured 3/3/83 GT Groove Tubes Model 2203 $1250 plus shipping...

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