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  1. jamvu

    Do you know a guitarist that isn’t concerned with gear/tone?

    I mean no disrespect to Line6 or any solid state amp but geez, to say these amps sound as good as a Plexi, an Orange OR100, a Laney Supergroup, a Marshall 800 or even a Fender Blackface is absurd. Sure you can "dial" up any tone you want but it is thin, it is robotic and it is fake. Give me...
  2. jamvu

    This is on marketplace Denver

    Wow, I had an idea that these babies had a price increase but $1800 for an 86? I remember buying Vertical Inputs for $1200 not that long ago. For me, I would pay $1800 for a 1981 Marshall VI every day of the week but.... Good luck whoever is selling it. I will watch. Anyone know how much a...
  3. jamvu

    Which combo should I get for AC/DC tone?

    If this is legit, then I stand corrected. Good job faerdi. Maybe it was the tone I hear rather than the tone it actually is😉
  4. jamvu

    Which combo should I get for AC/DC tone?

    Ok, this is simple. No pretenders, this is the rig for Angus tone. JCM 800, preferably a vertical input. Angus Young Custom Shop SG or a Gibson Les Paul Standard No pedals needed, just raw fucking power. Any questions?
  5. jamvu

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now ??

    Just listened to some Zeppelin....No Quarter from one their last shows. JIimmy had some choice licks.
  6. jamvu


    This amp looks sweet.....would you have a sound clip of her? I had a Dr. Z Maz Jr. and was curious if there was much difference in tone.
  7. jamvu

    Do You Own An Irreplaceable Guitar?

    I have a few items that are irreplaceable because finding another would be extremely hard and expensive. In no particular order: My 1970 West Fillmore with matching cab. Good luck finding that combo these days. 1970 Orange OR100....same deal as above. I paid $1250 for mine and put 100...
  8. jamvu

    If You Sell A Guitar And Buy Another, Do you Give Your Spouse Any $'s?

    The Mrs has no say on my gear, purchases or sales/proceeds. Most of the stuff I had acquired before she was in the picture. This doesn't mean I make the house suffer by buying gear or that I use proceeds for a new bed spread or something. It also doesn't mean if I make a lot off a sale...
  9. jamvu

    Wife inherited $1 million from estranged malignant narcissist mom. Pay off mortgage?

    Pay off all your unsecured debt, including high interest credit cards first. Settle any old claims on your credit to get your credit score up. You are eligible for 1 free credit report a year from the 3 majorly credit bureaus and you may see stuff on there that you didn't know about. This...
  10. jamvu

    Which Les Paul should I buy?

    So, I think someone already touched upon this but my understanding us that Gibson products and the LP specifically were of poor quality from like 2009 through 2018 due to Gibson trying to cheap out on parts to keep them at a certain price point. Someone here might correct the time period but it...
  11. jamvu

    What Guitar Do You Regret Not Buying?

    My buddy and I went shopping for a strat....I think it was a 67 or 68 strat. Anyway, it was located in a barn in east bum fuck NH. We get there and this kid comes put with a beat up case and opens it up. It needed a paint job bad...the black paint was bubbly and the neck was played but had...
  12. jamvu

    The best Pop Song ever written ?

    Lol, this band is so 80's it is hilarious but....I do remember the song and I dig it. Good tune and I never realized the lead singer was hot. 1 hit wonder? I don't think I can remember another tune by them but then again that was a lot of bands during the 80' hit and nothing heard...
  13. jamvu

    Trade offer, what are your thoughts?

    Jeffb seems to know his stuff...forget about what I said, lol. Jamvu
  14. jamvu

    Trade offer, what are your thoughts?

    Love the color of the strat....since you rarely use the Greco and you have the real thing in Gibson Les Pauls....this is a no brainer for me. Ditch the Greco and take the strat. You will have a much easier time unloading the strat in my opinion. I am a Gibson guy first and foremost but...
  15. jamvu

    ES 335 Alternatives

    These are some beautiful guitars. I also have a Memphis custom shop 335 and that thing is beauty too. However, there is no substitute for the real thing. Just sayin'.. Jamvu
  16. jamvu

    Ebay is now going to ask for your SS# and send you a 1099-K

    They can tax my ass😝
  17. jamvu

    Low watt amps

    The Dr. Z Maz Junior (18w) ain't bad either. I had one once and it sounded great....still would like to acquire one at some point.
  18. jamvu

    Fender 1965 twin reverb pricing ?

    I am curious about pricing as well. I have a 66 Blackface that is super clean. 👌 $2500-7500 is a wide range but if your 65 has been "played" and looks the part I would be inclined to say the value of the one you speak of is at the lower end of the price range. Definitely check the sold ads...
  19. jamvu

    Time to ditch that 4x12 guys

    This statement is so true but still stings....but I have seen guys do this and it just sucks. Anyway, I am a tube junkie and a tone lover so my opinion means nuthin'😬

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