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  1. FracStrat

    Electric guitar microphones

    My favorite Kick Drum mic
  2. FracStrat

    Electric guitar microphones

    The Sennheiser e609 is Very Good … Reasonable price , Durable, and Hangable !! They make the e906 as a step up
  3. FracStrat

    Just for fun, what amp is this?

    Isn’t the “S” related to the Width of the Headshell guys ? meant to fit on a different width cab ?
  4. FracStrat

    Just for fun, what amp is this?

    ‘80 Superlead ? EDIT .. OP answered at exactly the same time as I guessed 😜
  5. FracStrat

    Just discovered how to hot rod my 2204 without doing anything to the amp

    Don’t forget about the power of your Volume Knob on your guitar !! Lowering your pick ups does some pretty amazing things too !!
  6. FracStrat

    DSL… the WORST of ALL Marshalls?!?!

    It’s surprising how often the JCM2000 DSLs are requested as Backline by the traveling players
  7. FracStrat

    wall voltage

    The Top 1RU is an AC Infinity T1-N …… The pic of my R2D2 had a flue behind as well … Super Efficient Cooling over heat sinks mounted to the top of the RM32ai
  8. FracStrat

    wall voltage

    Replaced them ( there are two in there ) a couple summers ago … ran about $120ish for the pair …… As mentioned, this really the reason that I still have an RM32ai that hasn't had It’s brain scrambled …… Power Disconnections and Tripped Breakers dozens of times …
  9. FracStrat

    wall voltage

    It’s seems to work just fine …… The output voltage is always the same …… I can switch over to monitor the input voltage but it shows that initially when it starts up during it’s system check …… Truth be told , this is for supporting my digital PreSonus Gear …… 6 years of flawless operation so...
  10. FracStrat

    DSL… the WORST of ALL Marshalls?!?!

    Frickin’ Fricker Frick !!
  11. FracStrat

    wall voltage

    Plenty of current …… Nice clean Consistent juice even if you get unplugged from the mains !! ( 1500 watts / 120 volts = 12.5 amps )
  12. FracStrat

    Any love for Marshall Lead 12??

    Totally Stock in the Upper Pic.. Uber Hotrodded in the Bottom Pic .. Striking Difference Huh ??
  13. FracStrat

    Pedal Boards : never big enough

    Two of my boards have Ego Comps …… Fantastic Pedal !!
  14. FracStrat

    JCM 2000 DSL 201….

    Hi @DOCPAGE Are you using the parallel EFX Loop for anything ? This is an ugly pic but it will give you the basic idea …… I’ve got an MXR 10 Band EQ in the EFX Loop …… Exponentially more control over tone !!
  15. FracStrat

    Fair Deal Music Marshall DSL402 40W 2x12 Limited Edition Combo Amplifier - DEAL £599.00

    Hello !! Welcome to the MAF .. Your post is in the wrong Forum.. Please clarify for the World that there is no 120vac version of the 402
  16. FracStrat

    NAD - 1987 Silver Jubilee 2553

    Nice !! WTTMAF !!
  17. FracStrat

    NAD 6100 LM

    Cool Travis !! Midi is how I do the switching on mine .. @fitz nailed it on the OT Tap Thing .. The Head and the Combo are labeled opposite too … The option is in parentheses but must be changed internally Here‘s a shot of the jacks on the 6101 …
  18. FracStrat

    Had To !! ‘84 5002 New to me

    I Do !! It’s great …… I’m thinking about one more tweak on it Tony… I made it into a Closed Back but I’m really curious how it would change the tone to go Convertible … A couple of quick rips on the saw to make the optional Open Back panel would only take a minute or so !!
  19. FracStrat

    Had To !! ‘84 5002 New to me

    I think there’s 17 Marshalls now .. lol .. gotta count .. I gave a 401 to a friend that lost everything in a fire so that one doesn’t count ..
  20. FracStrat

    Do you own a Marshall 6100 or 6101?

    @Mike_LA What’s scoop on this Mike ?

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