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  1. DirtySteve

    Hurricane Ian

    Yeah, my brother and his family drove up here to TN last night. They live just outside of Tampa and have a special needs son that can't be without power so they hauled ass up here. Looks like it's going to be really bad for Tampa.
  2. DirtySteve

    Fabre locking tone studs on Gibson tailpiece?

    I just let mine tilt, doesn't bother me.
  3. DirtySteve

    Faux binding done on my tribute

    Good job, man...looks great!
  4. DirtySteve

    Yet another NGD

    That's an interesting finish for sure. Congrats!
  5. DirtySteve

    NGD - Future Case Queen

    Oh man, that's is frickin' awesome! If I was buying a new LP, that's the one it would be.
  6. DirtySteve

    Can you live with a single pickup guitar?

    What would be the fun in that? :lol: Actually that's exactly what I've got now, I'd like to just get rid of it all together and have something more unique.
  7. DirtySteve

    Can you live with a single pickup guitar?

    This is a Warmoth build I did a couple of years ago. If this was the only guitar I could ever have for the rest of my life I would be perfectly happy. This is my 2013 60s Tribute. A few years ago I sanded it down and did a natural finish on it and now I'm thinking about redoing it again. I'm...
  8. DirtySteve

    Humbucker sized P90s

    I would go with P-rails.
  9. DirtySteve

    ESP/LTD Guitars - any good?

    I want one of these real bad.
  10. DirtySteve

    NMD (New Map Day)

  11. DirtySteve

    Life Changing Dirt

    Yeah, I just acquired one after the recent thread on the subject. I had one a long time ago back when they were cheap and stupidly sold it. I was lucky enough to get one in a trade recently and rediscovered why I love it. I won't ever get rid of this one.
  12. DirtySteve

    Friday evening tunes . >>>>>>Post yours

    It seems lately no matter where I start (when I'm drinking) I always end up here. I can't believe I didn't discover this dude sooner, almost makes me want to buy a Strat...almost.
  13. DirtySteve

    Life Changing Dirt

    I was kinda joking, but I do love that pedal.
  14. DirtySteve

    Life Changing Dirt

    You're missing the Bad Monkey.
  15. DirtySteve

    Been a long time

    Hey, brother. I've been wondering how you're doing.
  16. DirtySteve

    Remember These?

    I miss those days.
  17. DirtySteve

    Why do we buy expensive guitars?

    I was saying that the guitar cost $1500 more than the average price of my cheaper guitars. The guitar cost $2500 new at the time I bought one. That's expensive to me and I was saying that it isn't $1500 worth better than my other guitars IMO.

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