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  1. fitz

    DSL20cr Ultra Gain better than 40cr Ultra Gain Red?

    I have all 3 of those EQs - they all work well. The GE-7 is a step above the MXR 6 as it also has the level slider. Hands down, the MXR10 has the most versatility, but keep in mind it runs on 18v.
  2. fitz

    Origin 5C came with a surprise modification plus what is the foot switch part no?

    HNAD! Nice score for £100. The PEDL-90016 is correct as the button labels will match the functions, but any 2 button TRS latching footswitch will work if you're bargain shopping.
  3. fitz

    Your Marshall wish list

    Only thing I'm considering is a JTM45RI. I can get quite a variety of tones from the amps I have. Curious about a 4-hole, and 30w seems the most appropriate for my living room.
  4. fitz

    DSL20cr Ultra Gain better than 40cr Ultra Gain Red?

    I like pedal gain on the green channel. MXR Super Badass Modified OD on the DSL20HR. :yesway: And as may have been mentioned before - EQ in the loop is an amp changer. And also: stock tubes suck.
  5. fitz

    DSL20cr Ultra Gain better than 40cr Ultra Gain Red?

    I've never played the 40, but I can get just about anything I want out of my 20H & 2 MX112s. Speakers, tubes, and pedals can change everything. (Only stock tubes I have in any amp are probably PI slots) Tried V-types with my 20 and like the V30/T-75 set better.
  6. fitz

    Prolonging String Life

    My strings don't seem to get corrosion and I don't change them very often. Maybe I just can't chug and shred hard enough. I have a MusicNomad string fuel applicator gizmo. Quick and easy swipe up and down the strings before playing. Cuts down slide noise moving between the 3 chords I can play...
  7. fitz

    Vintage Cabinet

    :welcome: to the forum. Looks like a cab from a Valvestate - 8040 or 8080?
  8. fitz

    Proper 68 plexi logo?

    My thoughts exactly. I'm not selling my home build cabs or head shells and attempting to deceive anyone, so I have no logo guilt. Tubes and More is where I get script logos. Block logos are dirt cheap on eBay.
  9. fitz

    The Seventy/80 is Celestion’s best speaker

    Reverb usually has a page or more of them for about $50 each.
  10. fitz

    The Seventy/80 is Celestion’s best speaker

    OK, you've gone off the rails... :D I ran stock 70/80s in my DSL20 cabs for a while. They are better the louder they get, IMO. Did some side-by-side comparisons with a few different speakers. Judged by my son & my X, they just didn't hold up to the A/B/C test from the layperson's perspective...
  11. fitz

    Loosing screws

    Good thinking - eventually... :D At least you found them. When I "occasionally" disassemble a guitar or amp, I usually put the screws and whatnots in either separate little paper bowls or Ziplock bags.
  12. fitz

    NGD! Few days late! Fender Classic Vibe 50's

    HNGD! :photos: (rules are rules...)
  13. fitz

    Guitar is the only thing that keeps me going.

    Go to meetings (AA or NA - I've done both). Keep going back. It works if you work it. Things will get better. Some of the best people you'll ever meet.
  14. fitz

    WTB Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet amp head

    :welcome: to the forum. Where are you on the planet? 3210's pop up fairly frequently on GC in the States, and there are usually a few on Reverb. Damn, how difficult to convert to 120v?
  15. fitz

    Ok somebody grab this

    Weird price and shipping amount. (looks like a currency conversion) Weird spelling for someone from Santa Clara, CA. Seller has 1 listing and 0 sales. Reminds me of that JTM ad I posted recently.
  16. fitz

    So I been offered a trade.

    Stop with the jibber-jabber and pack up that Strat. HNA(s)D!
  17. fitz

    Best shielding material between power transformer and output transformer?

    I've also used it in head shells to shield the open side of the chassis on my home builds or if the shield plate is missing. Might also be even more effective than aluminum foil for EMI hats.
  18. fitz

    Best shielding material between power transformer and output transformer?

    I always have some of this in my pile of stuff. Adhesive copper shielding tape. You could put some on a cardboard box and make a little faraday cage any size that fits your need.
  19. fitz

    childhood toys

    3 sisters, 1 brother, 2 sets of Jarts... :hmm:
  20. fitz

    Dr Watson Master Volume plug - Lion Tamer

    kinda like the LBB - but what if you actually use pedals in the loop?