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  1. chiliphil1

    Van Halen

    Kinda the same for me. Growing up I couldn't care less for VH but now? I love em'
  2. chiliphil1

    Get You Some Ace !!

    I can understand why some people don't "get it " with KISS. If one breaks it down to the music they can stand with most but their gimmick really doomed them. I love the makeup and the huge shows but I believe that a lot of people see that as a cover for a band that just isn't that good. I was...
  3. chiliphil1

    Gibson SG's: What Am I Missing?

    I assume that the "dive" issue is why most SG's still come with plastic tuning keys. If you keep the weight down it helps the issue, however, I have not really had an issue with it. Sure, if I let go of the guitar completely it will tip down but it isn't anything that would ever bother me enough...
  4. chiliphil1

    Anyone Interested In A Standard Martin D-18?

    GLWS, I moved my HD-28 a couple of years ago and I still miss that thing all the time. The tone of a Martin cannot be matched by anything else.
  5. chiliphil1

    The First Time I Saw P**n On The Internet

    Man, you guys are bringing the memories back! My initial internet experiences were in '96 or so, my grandparents had AOL on a Windows '95 machine and we used to look up music sites and stuff like that. We didn't have a computer until about 2000 and that was a 256MB with a 4gb HD running...
  6. chiliphil1

    So I Got Laid Off...

    I surely wish positions like this still existed. I was reading an article the other day in regard to GM closing the Lordstown, OH production plant. One of the workers who will be let go explained that she started 25 years ago and now makes $32 an hour and will retire with full benefits and...
  7. chiliphil1

    Favorite Guitars Other Than Gibson Or Fender

    ESP and Ibanez prestige. Those 2 are made with attention to detail that would embarrass Gibson and fender. The feel and look may not be for everyone but they are perfect every time right out of the box and for my playing style they are effortless.
  8. chiliphil1

    Live Shows 2019

    There are plenty of shows I want to go to this year, just not sure if I’ll be able. KISS is for sure, my dad got us tickets, I really want to go to hatebreed and Nashville pussy but, paycheck will decide that one. I think priest is coming as well.
  9. chiliphil1

    Found One

    Ah, I was not aware of that.
  10. chiliphil1

    Recommend Me Some Australian Bands

    I didn’t know powderfinger was Australian! I love those guys.
  11. chiliphil1

    Found One

    I thought the newer special was made in Mexico? Anyway, as far as the USA one I mean a peavey, the EVH USA ones are way out of my league. I’ve played a couple of peavey specials and really love them. Hoping that whichever one I get matches up to those 2. I’ve got a line on one for $479 with...
  12. chiliphil1

    Found One

    Yep, my error. I meant special, not standard. I’ve edited the post. Thanks for the info.
  13. chiliphil1

    Found One

    Found one.
  14. chiliphil1

    Round 7 … Supercross Arlington 2/16/19

    That was definitely a good race. I have never been a Webb fan but even I will admit that he looks the best at the moment. I can't figure Tomac out, the guy shows flashes of brilliance and then poof, it's gone. Musquin is just about done at this point, he's been in it for years and just doesn't...
  15. chiliphil1

    Marshall 1960 Vintage Series A Cab..

    If you look at the panel where the jacks are on the rear it should have a model. It would be "1960av" or similar. Then check or and that will give you a ballpark but, I agree with the above, $500 should be about right.
  16. chiliphil1

    Ngd About 2 Months Late

    Congrats! I've had the pleasure of owning a few PRS instruments and they are stellar! You guys are making me jealous!
  17. chiliphil1

    Tell Me About Jimmy Page Les Paul Wiring... Is It All That?

    Man, I love that custom shop wiring. Sexy every time. Ever try bumblebee caps? I’ve heard they add some mojo but I’ve never been able to afford the things.
  18. chiliphil1

    Saga Of The Ibanez Rg 220

    A 3 piece 220! That should be cool! Very interested to see how this one takes shape.
  19. chiliphil1

    Anyone Else On A Weight Loss/fitness Trip Since New Year?

    I wasn’t doing anything seriously about weight loss, even though I’ve needed to lose some for years until I got a call from an old martial arts instructor who informed me that he is starting a new organization and would like for me to be a part of it. Something along the lines of “you’ve got...
  20. chiliphil1

    The Official Marshall Studio Classic Thread Sc20

    I bought a used 6505mh from them a while back, the previous owner had installed a computer fan in the back of it. The fan didn’t actually operate though so, there’s that. I’ve had 2 of these over the years and never had an issue, that said, I wasn’t gigging so I didn’t have them wide open for...