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    Car battery trickle charge

    My advice. Sell car, buy bicycle.
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    childhood toys

    Couldn't afford a toy, and new clothes both. So mom bought me a pair of bib overalls and cut out the pockets. Best Christmas ever.
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    How can I create a 100% dustless environment?

    Any chance these girls can commute to US ?
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    Did people in the 50s also feel like everything was already invented/played/thought of?

    I'm no expert but, Is death not the way to escape the bounds of earth, solar system, and galaxy?
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    Meat Eating Men

    When I visited my hometown, a few months ago. Went to lunch with an old friend, at a Mexican restaurant. He said " I don't eat meat anymore." I said, "Oh wow, so, who's taking care of your wife?" I've long been known for my tact.
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    Meat Eating Men

    PETA announced that women should stop having sex with meat eating men. All the women I've been with, loved the fact that I was a meat eater.
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    How can I create a 100% dustless environment?

    Used to have problem with dust. Moved out of California, to a state that actually gets rain. Amazing how that works. Now I just have to deal with dog hair.
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    Do vintage fender "clay" dots glow in a blacklight?

    I don't remember. Played in black light allot in the 70's. More concerned with other things back then.
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    Marshall DSL JCM 2000 50w vs JCM 800 2204

    It's all subjective. Myself, I'm in the 2204 camp. Then again, I only used mine for certain O/D's in the studio. That said I sold my 2204 last year. I like single channels, I put fx in the front. Used an fx loop amp for years. I guess times and preferences change.
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    JCM800 Reissue Loop Problem

    Clubbing days I was using either hybrid or S/S amps. Didn't go back to full tube amps till around Y2K.
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    Pedal Boards : never big enough

    My board has gotten smaller. Just got to be too much to haul. Now have separate boards for acoustic and electric. But don't lose function. Looks like a commercial for Carl Martin don't it? Hmmmm. Maybe there's a reason for that. It's been years since I even considered a new pedal. The last one...
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    JCM800 Reissue Loop Problem

    Have had more loops go out than tubes.
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    Frustrated with Marshall (or am I?)

    Unless you just absolutely can not afford it, I'd look at the British examples.
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    2525h Jubilee Amp - Cutting Out

    Mine did that. After changing power, and preamp tubes, a few times. Took it to local tech. Said he took it apart. Poked around. Didn't really do anything. No parts replacements. And it just started working again. Charged me $75. for his time and said good luck. Traded to GC for a Deluxe Reverb.
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    JCM800 Reissue Loop Problem

    Don't know about loop. Have had 800's. They don't have loops. We don't need no stinking loops.
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    Why do people like Creambacks?

    V-30's may be in allot of amps, but allot of amps sound like shit through V-30's. Sorry
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    This is going to piss so many people...

    I dunno I turned it off at 0:05
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    I remember the Big Muff. Man I wonder what ever happened to that thing. Oh yeah. Benny was on drugs. I left some equipment in his care, while I went out gigging. And "Up his nose it goes"
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    For me, it must've been 1980. Had just bought my first G&L F-100 series II. Was showing it to a friend wo said, hey I got a friend with a Marshall. Went to this guys house, Caught a buzz. Plugged into what I later learned was a Marshall Major. Full stack. Standing in front of that amp, in a...

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