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  1. Old Punker

    Amp service

    :welcome: to the forum! :applause: From the Marshall site " My Marshall product is under warranty. How do I get it serviced? You should take your product back to your Marshall retailer and they will arrange for your amplifier to come...
  2. Old Punker

    What valves and where to buy them for my Marshall amplifier ?

    I don't want to lead you astray, since I don't have those exact amps, but if you don't hear from another owner here on the forum, I would consult with one of the techs at one of the reputable online tube vendors, with being one example. They can tell you...
  3. Old Punker

    Bias on SC20H

    I love self biasing amps...
  4. Old Punker

    Replacement speaker for DSL 40 C

    Is bringing your 2x12 to the jam not doable?
  5. Old Punker

    NAD! SC20h

    OK here ya go and HNAD! :applause: I have an SC20H too and I am Very Happy with it. :D Before you go leaving your drive pedals at home, slap a SD-1 in front of it and crank. It's like magic! :monkey:
  6. Old Punker

    NAD! SC20h

    I agree. I think the factory tubes sound really good. I will stay with them and hopefully replace with the same type when that time comes.
  7. Old Punker

    Your first Marshall was...

    An MG250DFX, which sounded pretty good to me at the time, but then I sold it after I plugged into a tube amp at a music store.
  8. Old Punker

    New 10” speaker for DSL5CR vs DSL40CR

    I agree with @JBA. I find open back cabs (including combos) are not well suited for heavier styles of music. A head + closed back cab are the way to go. Way back when I had open back cabs there was always something missing. After I bought my first closed back cab I knew what that something was...
  9. Old Punker

    Marshall combo that's sounds closest to a old plexi head?

    @Moony I've had the 1W Blackheart Killer Ant since they first came out and always thought it had a Plexi style tone. I read somewhere recently that they used a Plexi pre amp and a fixed tone stack.
  10. Old Punker

    Trading an Origin 20H for an SC20H, suggestions?

    Excellent choice! SC20 is a good way to go.
  11. Old Punker

    Marshall Studio Classic Combo Speaker change. WOW

    I've also noticed that changing cabs/speaker type has a huge effect on the tone from this amp. I have the SC20H and I only use 12" speakers.
  12. Old Punker

    What Marshalls do you folks have?

    SC20H and matching 2x12 cab. I waited a long time for Marshall to come out with a more home friendly 800 and now I'm a happy camper! For harder sounds I usually connect my Mesa Recto cab.
  13. Old Punker

    Western Electric

    Maybe they're having supply chain issues like everyone else? :shrug:
  14. Old Punker

    New 2525H sound different at home vs. in store?

    Could be the sum of all the issues the other members have mentioned. Most music stores have large rooms with high ceilings and carpeted floors, etc., whereas our houses are much smaller spaces. You may have been playing at a different volume at the store, which can also have a huge impact. You...
  15. Old Punker

    Your Top 5 Amp Brands?

    1) Marshall | Mesa tied 2) Marshall | Mesa tied 3) Marshall | Mesa tied 4) Marshall | Mesa tied 5) Marshall | Mesa tied What, you mean there are other brands? :shrug:
  16. Old Punker

    New Marshall Day!!

    Congrats on the lovely new Marshall! :applause: Yes, are best. + =
  17. Old Punker

    McDonald's samiches are getting smaller

    Stop it, you mak'in me hungry!
  18. Old Punker

    What studio???

    I remember hearing a couple of Oasis songs in the past and they had a low gain, fairly bright sound. I own an SC20H and it can do anything from lower gain Plexi like tones to 80's hard rock/metal, so no problem there. With the master volume you can dial this tone in at low volume too. The...
  19. Old Punker

    Enjoying the second greatest sound of any Marshall this evening

    Many years ago I lived on the 2nd floor of a 3 story apartment building. I had a big fat (300 pound at least) bitch living above me who had hard floors and insisted on stomping every time she walked around. The noise drove me nuts. The light fixtures on my ceiling rattled like hell and one even...