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  1. joe_cpwe

    NGD - Future Case Queen

    Congrats on the Deluxe! I've wanted a goldtop w/ minis for quite a while. I've toyed w/ getting a tribute w/ mini's or P90s to do a swap. I also want to play one of those new Deluxe's. One of these days.....
  2. joe_cpwe

    Can you live with a single pickup guitar?

    what's the problem?
  3. joe_cpwe

    Gristle time. Got my tickets!

    Yeah, really something to watch. Imagine being able to concoct amazing shit on guitar for that length of time. So many licks that original to him.
  4. joe_cpwe

    Gristle time. Got my tickets!

    I've seen Greg play many times over the past +30 years as we both live in SE Wisconsin, behind the cheddar curtain. Very fun to watch the world find out what we've seen for years. Seeing him Live in person is a must. Videos do not suffice and each show is a different experience because he jams...
  5. joe_cpwe

    Shouldn't have plugged into it...Friedman Runt

    I can't tell you why Not to get a Runt 50, because that will the next amp I get! From the little I've played Friedman's in stores and what a Runt 50 is ...two very functional channels for what I do & the useful options on the back panel, it checks the boxes. I'd been considering a Runt 20 and...
  6. joe_cpwe

    Reverb Cashier’s check scam??

    Yes, you may be about to get scammed. Paid by check is the worse option. Actually, unacceptable option IMO
  7. joe_cpwe

    Indoor gigs vs. outdoor gigs

    Q: Would you agree that you "really" know what your amp(and guitar) sounds like when you're doing an outdoor gig? Answer 1 - Yes, because the amp is getting mic'd up, and pushed through a monitor so now we're now really hearing the mic'd up tone. When I play out I'm always mic'd so I already...
  8. joe_cpwe

    belated NBLPD

    Yeah, this model has what most Les Paul buyers want and not what they don't. No funny script logo, no hologram sticker, no wide brass nut, no circuit board. Both of mine I bought used and with robotuners already replaced with Grovers. It has an ABR-1 bridge, nickel hardware and 57 Classics so...
  9. joe_cpwe

    belated NBLPD

    The sunburst I have had the same gold top hats but I eventually made the switch to speed knobs, purely for functionality. I'd probably switch to speed knobs on the black one too...although it's not annoying me as much. We'll see. I always choose function over looks. I don't know if black LPs...
  10. joe_cpwe

    belated NBLPD

    belated New Black Les Paul Day Hopped in the car and drove few hours to grab this guy last Wednesday. The picture w/ the pickguard was for historical posterity. It's gone and will likely stay in the case. I tried black speed knobs, will likely stick with gold but convert to speed knobs. I'd...
  11. joe_cpwe

    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    Lead 12 with G10D-25s Master volume on 10, low input.
  12. joe_cpwe

    Mistreated: Deep Purple or Rainbow?

    Neither. Funny the timing of this thread coming up. I was hearing this tune a few weeks ago and wondered why people liked it. It's too damn long for me. No preference on any version of the song. It has hit my ears many many times but I don't listen to it, I tune it out. I think Blackmore...
  13. joe_cpwe

    2555x vs 2525h

    talk about mudflaps the 2555's got em
  14. joe_cpwe

    DSL 40 C yellow jacket tube converters?

    Unless you're diming your amp all the time the EL34 should last quite a while so that difference in expense isn't a big deal. Also, biasing the amp is a function of the amp, not of the tubes. In other words you aren't going to be able to run EL84s w/out getting your hands dirty. There's...
  15. joe_cpwe

    Joining 2 boards side to side

    Just go buy wider boards. By the way this thread is going the chance of needing a planer after this gluing operation seems high, and the chance of owning a wide planer for the boards seems low.
  16. joe_cpwe

    Did I get lucky, or is the market softening up?

    HNAD 👍 Good price. I didn't see through the thread, where did you buy it? As for lucky, or prices softening...I think both. More of us buyers are going to get lucky as more individual sellers get more desperate to sell. The used market is slowing and prices are dropping. Last night on...
  17. joe_cpwe

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom stoptail bengal burst

    That's a looker, congratulations
  18. joe_cpwe

    Your first Marshall was...

    My first Marshall was a JMP-1 pre-amp. This was back in the days when having rack gear was the thing to do and that Marshall was a real improvement over the ADA MP1 I'd been using. I owned it until 2014 & then sold it. That was dumb but it was mostly going unused + kids cost money :) It...
  19. joe_cpwe

    Putting off gear purchases

    I'm not buying, I'm selling. Unfortunately I started selling about 6 months too late IMO. Used gear is not really moving right now, at least not like it was. I'm shedding a little bit of everything; a couple guitars, couple amps, couple pedals, some small PA gear items...yada yada I suspect...
  20. joe_cpwe

    Baby SLO Mini

    Seems like this mini SLO sounds better than the mini Friedman and Bogner, on YouTube. The idea of these has potential. For not much more a guy could get an older used Jet City. I paid $250 for a JCA 22H in November. For well under a grand you could get a brand new Jet City custom w/ the mods...