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  1. 1956tvmodel

    Does anyone know what bright cap value Marshall used in the JCM800 2203x Reissue?

    I was wondering what bright cap value Marshall used in the JCM800 2203x Reissue? The reason im curious is because I put a 4700pF cap in my Suhr SL-67 and it totally transformed the amp. Its the best sounding amp I own and I was thinking maybe I can get the JCM 800's tone a but closer the SL67...
  2. 1956tvmodel

    Tried a bright cap in my Suhr SL-67. Wow. Huge difference!

    Abut a year and a half ago I was looking around fork a Plexi style amp and cap across the Suhr SL-67. Really nice amp, all hardwired with some cool features that I haven't found on other Plexi style amps. For one It has a power scaling feature where you can run the amp at a full 50 watts and...
  3. 1956tvmodel

    Can anyone body tell me the value of this capacitor?

    I just tried this in my Suhr SL-67 plexiglass style amp. Wow! For $1.50 it made the amp sound a million times better. Night and day, no comparison. I ordered this capacitor a while ago and never got around to trying it out and in the meantime I cant remember the value I went with. I think its a...
  4. 1956tvmodel

    Type and brand of bright switch capacitor?

    Hi. I find plenty of advice on the value of a bright cap capacitor but not too much info on the type of capacitor, like film, ceramic etc would be good fork a Marshall Plexi amp.. Also what brand would be good. Or do either of these things really not matter as much as the value. Thanks Mike
  5. 1956tvmodel

    Is the bright cap usually located on the lug of the input pot?

    If I want to add a bright cap on a amp that doesn't have one where would I put it? Would it go on the pot of the input jack? And if so which lug does it go onto? Also if I want to get a 100 pf or a .005 uf capacitor for example , what voltage does it have to be. Also does the brand and type...
  6. 1956tvmodel

    Anyone using the UA Ox Box with their Marshall head?

    Been checking in to these Ox Boxes. Such a foreign concept but also intriguing somewhat, The ability to crank up your amp and have access to all kinds of cabinets miced up with all kinds of mics. I was pretty impressed with this clip.
  7. 1956tvmodel

    Does running a Marshall designed for 110 V into a 120 volt outlet really make a difference?

    Justy wondering if the difference of 10 volts make any difference on tone. I noticed on my Reissue JCM 800 2203x it is designed to run at 110 volts and my wall outlets are running at 120 and sometimes a couple volts over. Would that make any difference tone wise. I know they make the Brown Box...
  8. 1956tvmodel

    Whats your preference 50 Watt or 100 Watt?

    Just wondering what your preference is between a 50 watt and 100 watt Marshall and why? Thanks
  9. 1956tvmodel

    Help identifying this capacitor in my JCM 800?

    The other night I changed the filter and bias caps in my 1985 JCM 800 2204. I figured after 36 years it might be time. After alot of research and youtube videos I managed to do it correctly and safely without killing myself. The amp sounds amazingly quiet now and the tone sounds alot richer to...
  10. 1956tvmodel

    Is a 6 mA swing in tubes still considered a matched set?

    After owing my Marshall JCM 2203x Reissue for about 6 months I decided to check the and rebias the output tubes. When I first hooked up my Weber Bias-rite up to the tubes I noticed the lowest of the tubes was reading around 24 mA at 450 volts around which is definitely on the colder side. I...
  11. 1956tvmodel

    Can anyone tell me if this is the bias know on the JCM 802203x Reissue?

    Hi. Im trying to do a bias on my 2203x reissue. I took the chassis out of the cab and I see there are two adjustable trim pots. Not sure if these are the bias controls and if so which one. Sorry about the typos in the title, cant figure out how to re edit and fix them. Does anyone know? Thanks Mike
  12. 1956tvmodel

    Low input volume on my 2203x noticeably quieter?

    I recently got a Marshall 2203x reissue and noticed that the low input volume was alot less loud then the high input volume at the same master volume settings. Is this normal? I never noticed such a difference between the 2 on my 1985 2204 amp. Thanks Mike
  13. 1956tvmodel

    Pinhole size hole in new speaker

    While installing a new speaker I put a small pinhole size hole in the speaker caused by one the mounting screws. Is this something that you would just leave alone. Will it cause any problem being so small or should I go about repairing it. If I go that route what would be the best way to repair...
  14. 1956tvmodel

    Accidently left my JCM 2203 on overnight not in standby mode!

    Accidently left my JCM 2203 on overnight not in standby mode. I think ive done this once before but it was in standby mode. Can this have any bad effects on the amp? I assume it shortens tube life to some extent but what about overheating other components? Thanks
  15. 1956tvmodel

    The origin of the 4x12 cabinet?

    With all the great inovations over the years like the Stratocaster and the Les Paul guitar designs you don't hear much about the beginnings of the 4x12 cab which is probably just as responsible for the sound of rock as much as anything else. Didn't it start out as a 8x12 built for Richie Blackmore?
  16. 1956tvmodel

    Solved my high input problem on my JCM 2204

    Ive posted several times about the problem of the super gainy almost heavy metal type overdrive I was getting the high gain channel on my 1985 2204 which caused my to use the low inout channel for many years. Well I was downstairs swapping out different preamp tubes to see if that might help...
  17. 1956tvmodel

    Accidentally turned head on without cab plugged in.

    I was going back n forth between my 2 4x12 cabs to compare when I noticed my JCM 800 head was on with standby switch off and not pugged into cab. I didn't play through it this way and noticed within 5 minute it wasnt connected. Just wondering if this could have caused any damage to the head. Thanks.
  18. 1956tvmodel

    The JCM 800 2203x sounds killer!

    So I finally got a chance to use my new JCM800 2203x at jam tonight. Its one thing to play it by yourself all week but another to play it in a band situation with bass and drums and all I can say is WOW! I don't think ive ever been so happy with my tone. This thing sounds amazing. Playing my...
  19. 1956tvmodel

    Can anyone help me date these speakers?

    I’m selling these 4 gt75-12 celestion that came out of my 80’s Marshall 1960s 4x12 cabinet. I’m trying to narrow down the exact year with the codes but I can’t get any info. Would anyone on here know the year? Thanks
  20. 1956tvmodel

    Now thats the tone i've been missing all these years!

    So I finally got the Marshall JCM 800 2203x reissue after wanting one for years. Got a really clean one on Reverb. Was expecting to run it like my 1985 2204 using the low input and getting my dirt from my different OD pedals. My high input on the 2204 sounded awful. Shrill, thin. Tried different...

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