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  1. cmsaw83

    NGD... Old School Meets New School

    Finally got an order today that I've been waiting on for a while now! About 4pm, I walk out to the drive way to find that FedEx has dropped 3 boxes off, and this is after their tracking online had told me that I wouldn't get them until this coming Tuesday, which would have made them 3 days...
  2. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    NAD/NGD...Got a few deliveries to the house and this is the stuff that was inside the boxes. Yesterday was the Marshall head and was the last of them. I put pics at the bottom of the page in same order as descriptions. 1- Two Notes Torpedo CAB M+ : IR Loader, Cab Sim, DI Box, Clean Preamp...
  3. cmsaw83

    MINT Peavey Invective 120w head w/ 10-button footswitch

    Hey Marshall Forum. I just moved into a new place with my girl about 2 months ago. The new place does not allow me the opportunity to play using my tube amps like I could before. I have a Captor 16 and a CAB M+ which provides me the ability to play/record silently using my tube amps, but I...
  4. cmsaw83

    Marshall DSL 40CR footswitch problem

    I have a 2019 Marshall DSL 40CR. When I turn it on standby, the footswitch works, but as soon as I turn it on the lights go off on the footswitch and it will no longer work to change channels or anything else. It is a 6 button footswitch and this is a new problem. The footswitch has worked...