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  1. Angry Possum

    If you could only have one guitar, what would it be?

    The Greenie, Peter Green original owner, which was sold to Gary Moore which was sold to Kirk Hammett.
  2. Angry Possum

    Help choosing a guitar, suggestions wanted

    Any 1980s Ibanez Guitar. Roadstar II MIJ. They are amazing.
  3. Angry Possum

    What's your Cheapest Guitar? And do you like it?

    Ibanez EX Korea. $50 bucks on ebay plus $25 Shipping. The stock pickups are awesome. All I needed was to replace the nut. The Guitar is amazing.
  4. Angry Possum

    Best Speaker Upgrade for my Cab w 70/80s

    Yes, The V type Celestion
  5. Angry Possum

    Best Speaker Upgrade for my Cab w 70/80s

    Will do thanks...
  6. Angry Possum

    Best Speaker Upgrade for my Cab w 70/80s

    I was deciding on those V30s speakers. Top 3 choices on my list. WGS Also. Thanks.
  7. Angry Possum

    Best Speaker Upgrade for my Cab w 70/80s

    I have a DSL15H head with a MX212A stock Cab. I'm not digging the stock 70/80s speakers. I'm a hard rock and metal player. What do you think would be a good upgrade. Are these 70/80s crappy? They sound dull to me, no snap. Maybe I'm just going deaf who knows. Price would be considered too.
  8. Angry Possum

    My Rig Came Today

    Does anyone like the 70/80s speakers, these came with this Cab. They sound rather dull to me.? What speakers would you replace them with.
  9. Angry Possum

    IF only one Marshall

    This is my first real marshall amp, other than that red MG30FX sitting next to it. DSL15h with an MX212A Cab. Paid $400 total, bought these individually. The head bought in Brooklyn for $200 near mint, and the Cab in Staten Island $200 near mint. I got lucky. The universe is good. That 50th...
  10. Angry Possum

    My Rig Came Today

    Yes. Go to or you can check out some YouTube videos, search for guitar wrap or guitar skin.
  11. Angry Possum

    Selling my Mint NOS VOX AD100VT-XL Amp

    I have a Mint NOS VOX AD100VT-XL 100 watt hybrid guitar modeling amp, it's a SS amp but has a power tube in it. The Amp was basically played 5 times from 2009. I'm serious. I'd take $350 for it with the new foot pedal. Anyone interested inbox me. I'm in Staten Island NY. All the info and pics...
  12. Angry Possum

    Vox AC 30

    I have an AC15 and it's loud. I'm sure the 30 watt is deafening.
  13. Angry Possum

    My Rig Came Today

    I purchased the Kramer @ M.F. $180 plus tax, free ship. It needed a good setting up. Frets were shockingly nice. The stock pickup sounds killer tested was 16.4k ohms. I disconnected the capacitor on the pot. Changed the garbage tuners. That's all it needed. I bought the bengal guitar skin at...
  14. Angry Possum

    Show us your oldest instrument.

    I may put a Duncan Hot Rodded Set in the Greco. Just too plain lazy.
  15. Angry Possum

    Show us your oldest instrument.

    I also have a 1976 Greco Japan LP I forgot about. Same year as my Ibanez 59er deluxe. Some guitar porn.
  16. Angry Possum

    My Rig Came Today

    I did this mod just now, it's nice. I'm stoked. JJ8823. Love it. Thanks alot..Tames the gain, but also tames the volume in the clean channel.
  17. Angry Possum

    Any Mods for a Marshall DSL15H Head

    I got the tube today, and I just plugged her in valve 1, a JJ 8823. Its nice, it tames down the gain, However it also tames down the clean channel in volume. I'm liking it though Thanks for the info. Im liking it now. Great mod.