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  1. Spooky88

    Anybody have a noise issue with a One Spot?

    No issues with a one spot here at all. I own 2 of them but then I don’t use boss pedals because they tend to be noisy.
  2. Spooky88

    Got another Friedman--Smallbox head

    Nice thread! I was on the fence as to whether I would buy the SB or a BE100d earlier this year and just bought the BE100 (got a good deal on a new one) but I certainly like that SB. Looking forward to your assessment on that amp when gigging out and about with it.
  3. Spooky88

    The 120 Vs 240 Voltage Tone Debate.

    Dumbest thread in a long time. I play in Europe and the US. Please stop! Of course, morons gonna moron.
  4. Spooky88

    Question regarding JCM800 vs JCM900 4X12 Cabinets:

    How do they sound? Do YOU like them? If you’re buying gear to resell it later, you probably handled those purchases in the wrong way. Everything I buy I intend to use, so I’m not helpful in a collectors sort of way. I know, that when I purchase any musical gear, I want the guys in my band to...
  5. Spooky88

    Getting Older Sucks (at times)!

    Yeah, I’m 56 (profile pic of me is at age 52) im in pretty good shape. Still snowboarding at a high level and am able to pickup my Kurzweil PC3K88 in the flight case with one arm (figures they’d build a flight case with a single center handle, weighs 150 lbs). Energy level definitely waning...
  6. Spooky88

    Yeah! WHAT HE SAID!!!

    JB is correct, I already knew this however. It’s not rocket science. Energy and vibe created in a room (auditorium) is part of the experience one is looking to be a part of at a live performance. I for one am biased (pun intended), to a hard working tube amp and a guitar(ist) giving it his best...
  7. Spooky88

    Marshall Origin 20 and Fender Strat sounds thin...

    Yeah, just brought a new rhythm guitar player into one of the bands I play in. He has a SC20H with matching cab and a decent strat with a humbucker hotrail at the bridge position. It sounds terrible direct. I use no pedals into my JCM 900 4502 with my partscasters and they sound godlike (I’m...
  8. Spooky88

    whats the last guitar

    Just got finished with the second rehearsal with our “new” drummer in my acoustic trio. I play all the material in this group on this Yamaha 12 string, Message in a bottle was the last song we knocked out.
  9. Spooky88

    Playing a small bar gig- is this too much?

    Love this thread, wanted to hate it when I saw the title but I have been enjoying all the comments. I’d bring a full stack to my gigs if I could, but I load up my full size suv with my 2 keyboards in flight cases (250+ lbs), stands, mic stands, guitar stands a combo amp, generally 1 electric...
  10. Spooky88

    JCM 900 loop discoveries and some questions

    Anatoli is correct. I own 2 “older” (1992 and 1993) JCM 900 amps both FX loops have/had issues. Even after I thought (and serviced them) they couldn’t possibly be the issue.
  11. Spooky88

    JCM 900 beginner

    Don’t sweat that JCM900 DR combo. Great amp! My 92’ 4502 is still my number one amp. As far as weight goes Crikey, my keyboard in the flight case weighs 150lbs. And it’s got one handle. Go figure. Still flinging those things around at age 56. No problem.
  12. Spooky88

    fav amp you own

    Yeah, I love the JJ signature. Played one at clackamas GC. It made me buy a Friedman. Ended up getting a BE100d and a matching cab at a super good deal (a project I’m in demanded that kind of volume). I’m still going to get that JJ though. Sounds excellent!
  13. Spooky88

    I desecrated my Telecaster... and I love it!

    I’m an active pickup EMG homer for sure, but that looks sweet! Crank it up and lay down some tasty riffs for us to salivate over!
  14. Spooky88

    Who likea to get high? (Action height)

    Good thread! It’s interesting to see the different opinions on how each player is unique in string height. The funny thing is, I have different guitars setup similar to many of the comments posted here. No 2 guitars of mine are the same.
  15. Spooky88

    1968 plexi PT now back down

    I’d like to hear this amplifier please. If possible with both an active pickup setup and passive pickup guitars. I know I’m demanding. Haha! Great post!
  16. Spooky88

    Marshall JCM 900 DR 4100 restoration and mods.

    Hell yeah, I have a 4102 that I’m working on. Looks like you did yours right!
  17. Spooky88


    I’m with OP Steve. My JCM 900 4502 (el34 dec 92 build) is the best amp I own/ever owned. It’s in pretty rough shape now but still gets the “tone”. Ive done a lot of maintenance on that thing. My best friend bought the 4102 (5881) six months later and definitely didn’t sound as good. About a...
  18. Spooky88

    Selling Regrets ?

    Wish I hadn’t sold my peavey 4x12 flight case (scorpions) cab. As far as amplifiers themselves, I’ve never sold one I liked. Still got them all. They take up a lot of space though, need to build a 42x32 foot studio. I’m with the OP on regretting that JCM 900 the early versions with the el34 are...
  19. Spooky88

    ValveStorm JTM45 Combo build - need help choosing speakers

    My 2 ¢ For open back combo cabs I use the H75s. I’ve had the 70/80 in a dsl40 and replaced it with an h75 and as I’ve been playing in higher volume situations recently with my JCM900 4502, I swapped out my t75 for h75 as well. Keep in mind I use active pickups so they put out more grunt. I...
  20. Spooky88

    NAD, not a Marshall but I could use some opinions if your familiar

    Can’t tell from the photos but does that have an fx send/return on it. Looks like it does. Place a patch cable on that thing and/or clean the inserts out. Just to be sure…