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  1. Pete S

    Marshall cab with Celestion v30's

    I have a Marshall cab with Celestion Vintage 30's and i'm trying to figure out how old the speakers are. There are no stickers on the magnets, but the magnets have been stamped CU20 15. The paper cones say 444. And i'm posting some pics of the chassis. Hopefully someone can date these speakers...
  2. Pete S

    1982 Marshall JMP has 4ohm or 8ohm, my cab is 16ohm, what should i do?

    I have a 1982 Marshall JMP 50w head. Its the Canadian model with the nice metal toggles. It only has 4ohm or 8ohm options on the selector switch and I have a 16ohm classic cab with 25w greenbacks. Will i be able to use this head and cab together? If so, how should the head be set?