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  1. Silverburst

    Sudden volume drop, restart amp and volume is back?

    After a long servicing thread on my JCM800 2205 '88 I've had a lot of fun with this amp and enjoy it a lot. Did quite some preamp tube rollin' to get the best combination I could come up with, which also helped me cancelling out some static issues I was having. Amp is well biased via internal...
  2. Silverburst

    Filter caps in need of change and what brand?

    My old marshall amps in my signature all have their original caps. The 1959 and 2203 seem ok, but my 2205 is currently on the bench for other reasons (another thread) and it hums, so wondered if it is due to the caps because both caps measure different voltages (is that normal?). They don't...
  3. Silverburst

    Bias & Volume troubleshooting on my NAD '88 JCM800 2205

    Hi all, Went to get this 2205 for a good price because it had some issues. While testing the amp at the seller's house, it had some hum from the start but within a minute the hum became very loud with a lot of rrrr-sound, which reminded me of the sound I once had with a power tube that was...
  4. Silverburst

    What can my DIY Bias probe actually measure? Want to check bias on my 2203

    I've done mA readings on external bias points on my DSL's and JVM's in the past, but now need to measure bias on my old JCM 800 2203. Years ago I assembled a DIY kit that has a 1ohm resistor in series in the path of cathode pin 8 inside the tube socket adapter. On both sides of this resistor...
  5. Silverburst

    t1886 JL13 g12h30 55hz 30 blackbacks?

    Would these be worth getting? From what I have read so far these would be bass speakers or is that wrong? Are they suited for guitar? I don't know the cone number nor cab details. They are in a slanted Marshall 4x12, I suppose a 1960 but not sure as it does not have a front badge. thx!
  6. Silverburst

    Eyeballing a JMP Super Bass '78 halfstack

    How are things up here? This weekend I'll be checking out a 1992n JMP Super Bass '78 with a matching JCM800 1935 Bass cab. Always wanted a 100watt plexi type amp and this one is reasonably priced and looks in great shape from the outside. Filtercaps have been replaced already. I might have it...
  7. Silverburst

    NAD: JCM 800 2203 '83 Gut shots - Help needed

    Hi all, Just got hands on this '83 and have some questions: - Are the green caps original? I expected black ones. - PT and OT are Dagnalls? From what I've heared stock on 100 watters, and a drake choke. - Front inputs seem to be glued to the chassis, is that normal? - Does the circuit look...
  8. Silverburst

    Retolex tool question

    What is this tool called this guy is holding in his hand to apply pressure on the tolex, in creases etc... is that a "bone folder" ? At 42:00 in this vid:
  9. Silverburst

    Vintage 30 Celebrating 25 years

    I suddenly noticed this label on my V30's, never paid attention to it earlier. Anybody any more info on this? I guess they were made in 2011 when they celebrated... other than that wonder if there might be anything different aside the label. They're MIC. (t3904a also mentioned on the magnet side...
  10. Silverburst

    Could someone in UK forward my Marshall parts order to BE?

    Hi guys, I want to restyle and restore some cabs and heads so wanted to order some.tolex, piping... but unfortunately Marshall only does distribution of parts in UK. So I'm looking for someone in UK to recieve my package and forward it to Belgium. thx!
  11. Silverburst

    Odd 1936 Cab?

    Just got this empty cab, the serial number mentions 1999 (if the jack panel is the original.) the back is particle but the sides and front are ply, which is odd for 1999. it came without front logo nor model badge. The handles don't mention anything else. anyway, the front panel is what...
  12. Silverburst

    Got My First Jvm410h After A Js And I'm Just Waw!

    It's been a long time I was wandering around here. It the time I bought the first JVM JS limited blue in my country, hell, It must have been one of the first hitting European land from UK. It was my first big purchase, a gift for myself after a few years of misery. But I almost hated the amp. I...
  13. Silverburst

    6101 30th Anniv Combo

    I might be able to grab one for 400€... Original owner, had some scratchy pots replaced by a tech. Should I go for it? I'm questioning liability due to heat. so much stuff and tubes going in on in such a little package. Do you guys install a fan? thx!
  14. Silverburst

    Jmp 2204 Combo (2104) With Rola G12 65 Celestions Opinions Needed

    Topic says it all. might check one of these but it's a long drive. it is an '81. should be all original with 2x g12 65 rola celestions. What to look out for... are these speakers ok etc... thx!
  15. Silverburst

    Yjm: Only One Input Works ?

    uhm... I'm not a 4 hole expert but only the top left input works. If I plug my guitar in any of the other, no sound at all. If I add jump from lower left top high right I get a very slight difference and the right volume knob has a bit of a difference in the total tone but not that much. How...
  16. Silverburst

    Ola Englund Demos Line6 Helix Metal Wise

    I love my Helix. It's in front of my BE100 now. But for recording, editing, practice... easy as *ss This vid is going to turn some heads, especially at today's price point of the Helix. Ok, it's for metal, easier to hide any tone flaws in a way, but for me it's plenty. I also like the names of...
  17. Silverburst

    Someone Offres His Splawn Nitro For My Yjm

    Worth the trade? I have BE100.
  18. Silverburst

    Blind Kemper Vs Jcm800 Test

    Interesting ;) Sometimes I'd like to smack Rob in the face, but in this vid he is less of a fanboy as usual, phew... This vid is part 2, in part 1 its a a Fender and Victory comparison, and they are completely wrong lol.
  19. Silverburst

    Yjm One Wire Mod?

    Anyone ever tried this? Before any bashing would start on modding limited sig models: I'd just like to try it with clamp wires to hear what it does, feel how it plays, because from clips, like MichaelRT's I'd be something I'd potentially love, but I don't have any kind of other normal plexi...
  20. Silverburst

    Evh 5150iiis El34 Summer Namm Vid

    First audio glimps I found so far. Probably sounds great, but I'll stick with my LBX as far as EVH amps go. Perfectly replaced my 5150III. hmmm, I don't think you have to expect VHI tone here if that is what you would be looking for or expecting of a 5150 EL version. different animal again...