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  1. Angry Possum

    Best Speaker Upgrade for my Cab w 70/80s

    I have a DSL15H head with a MX212A stock Cab. I'm not digging the stock 70/80s speakers. I'm a hard rock and metal player. What do you think would be a good upgrade. Are these 70/80s crappy? They sound dull to me, no snap. Maybe I'm just going deaf who knows. Price would be considered too.
  2. Angry Possum

    Selling my Mint NOS VOX AD100VT-XL Amp

    I have a Mint NOS VOX AD100VT-XL 100 watt hybrid guitar modeling amp, it's a SS amp but has a power tube in it. The Amp was basically played 5 times from 2009. I'm serious. I'd take $350 for it with the new foot pedal. Anyone interested inbox me. I'm in Staten Island NY. All the info and pics...
  3. Angry Possum

    Show us your oldest instrument.

    I didn't want to be partial to guitarists, so I titled the thread instrument instead of guitar. Show us your oldest instrument. Here's my oldest guitar. 45 Years old. 1976 Ibanez Deluxe 59er Japan. DiMarzio Super Dist bridge and Super Dist 2 in Neck. This guitar has some Patina. My friend sold...
  4. Angry Possum

    Celestion G10 Vintage, G10 Greenback, G10n40 or other for my cab.

    I'm building a small portable guitar cab soon. Im liking the Celestion G10 Vintage speaker, but i'm also considering the Greenback 10 and the Greenback 10N40. What do you all like out of the 3 and why. Or if you like a different speaker/manufacturer, please elaborate, I'm all ears, pun...
  5. Angry Possum

    Guitar Cabinet Size

    Hi everybody Im looking to build a Guitar Cabinet preferably with a single 10 or 12 inch speaker. Does the size matter? I'd like it to be portable and the smallest I can do, without taking away that much from the sound. If so what size dimensions do you feel would be good for a 10" and or a 12"...
  6. Angry Possum

    Hi All

    Hi my name is vince, I'm a guitaroholic. I own 60 guitars currently. It's a disease and illness. My GAS is exruciating. Good thing I'm not a drummer. Then I'd need a bigger boat.
  7. Angry Possum

    My Rig Came Today

    I got my DSL15H and an MX212A bottom today, and just hooked it up. It's real nice The gain channel is hot, does anybody know the tube mod for Valve 1 in this amp. I remember reading something about Valve 1 and upgrading the tube on this forum. The gain channel is excessive. Guitar is a Kramer...
  8. Angry Possum

    Marshall DSLH Head with a 15" Speaker Cabinet Question

    I have a speaker bottom that's for a 15" speaker, I guess can modify it for a 12" cab, but i'd really like to use a 15" speaker instead, does anybody use 15" speakers for guitar and is it advisable? Ill be using a Peavey 15" Sheffield. Any comments ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Angry Possum

    Quick Test DSL15H with a 4 ohm Speaker Cabinet

    Hi all, I have a Marshall DSL15H Head only that I want to test for about 5 minutes or even less. I know the DSL15H only uses 8 ohms and 16 ohms, but I have a 4 ohm speaker cabinet currently. My question is can I quickly test the head with a 4 ohm cabinet for around 3 minutes or so without...
  10. Angry Possum

    Any Mods for a Marshall DSL15H Head

    Just bought a used DSL15H. Are there any good mods for this head? Tubes, etc.
  11. Angry Possum

    Marshall DSL15H with a 4 ohm speaker.

    I'm buying this marshall DSL15h Head used shortly. Question. Can I hook it into a 4ohm speaker cabinet?
  12. Angry Possum

    MG30FX Question. How to Store etc.

    Hi I just dug a pretty much NOS MG30FX Special Edition Red Amp out of my cellar. When I bought it in 2009 used from Musicians Friend the amp sounded horrific with all the wet effects, I couldn't send it back because it was used etc. So I left it in my cellar for 12 years. I finally figured out...
  13. Angry Possum

    Newbie from NY Modding My DSL40C Tomrw

    Hey all, making my first post and introduction as a newbie, a Google search brought me here. I just purchased a used DSL40C at GC for a good price. I heard there's a mod on the C19 cap removal. When I get the amp tomorrow, I'll check it and see if it's there. If it's there, I'm gonna temporarily...

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