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  1. Antmax

    DSL20C or 20CR for small apartment

    My DSL20 HR is quite loud, even in 5w mode. I have to put a volume pedal in the loop to choke the output down to medium loud TV volume because the amp sounds rubbish volume below 9 o'clock (2) After that some of the body enters the tone and it sounds really good. My older DSL5c is much quieter...
  2. Antmax

    I Love The Hate , G-N-R

    Love GnR. They are the background music to my mid/late teens. Went through an Iron Maiden phase in the early 80's, then the UK went all techno, house and rave music. Guns & Roses was the only new real rock band in town and the first American band I really liked. Brings back memories of sitting...
  3. Antmax

    DSL40 CR issues with too much treble

    I'd play if some more to get the speakers sorted. Usually with a new speaker it sounds really rough with hardly any lows. It takes a few hours for the harshness to go and bottom end to come in. Eventually the frequencies balance out. Last time I got a combo, I played it an hour or two each day...
  4. Antmax

    Sir David Gilmour

    I'm not really a fan of psychedelic rock or Pink Floyd. I listen to them when they appear on the radio. But like most people, I do love Gilmour's playing. When I'm in the mood, I seek him out on youtube, sometimes skip to the tasty bits when I don't want to listen to all the lyrics. I also got...
  5. Antmax

    The Official Dsl20 Amp Thread (head And Combo)

    That sucks. It is worth keeping an eye on craigslist if you are in a fairly populated area. If you are patient some good deals will eventually turn up. Lots of people sell speakers around here. Usually close to retail, but occasionally someone just wants to get them out of the way and will offer...
  6. Antmax

    The Official Dsl20 Amp Thread (head And Combo)

    It is insane. My DSL20 HR plus MX212 cost $1400 new now.
  7. Antmax

    The Official Dsl20 Amp Thread (head And Combo)

    If it is out of phase it will have no bass and sound REALLY thin and hollow. If you are familiar with out of phase pickups, it's the speaker equivalent. The buzzing I mentioned was on the previous gen DSL 5. There was a problem with many early DSL20's that is well documented online including...
  8. Antmax

    The Official Dsl20 Amp Thread (head And Combo)

    the 70/80's aren't bad if you don't play them too loud. They just seem to sound a bit flat and emphasize and fizz in your tone the more you push them. They end up in cheap combo's and cabs because they are generic and cheap. I have the 20 HR and MX212 and didn't like it. Bought some used...
  9. Antmax

    The Official Dsl20 Amp Thread (head And Combo)

    I have my DSL20 HR set up pretty much the same. 0 bass, resonance about 10 o'clock and the treble and presence hovering around noon, max gain and have a couple of dirt pedals up front with reverb and volume choke in the loop. I don't use the red channel so much because I play at fairly low...
  10. Antmax

    EH or Mullard Reissue EL34s?

    I have the Mullard EL34's in my DSL 20. The difference is subtle but an improvement over the ones that came in it. The preamp tubes make the biggest difference in my DSL. The Mullard EL34's were a tiny warmer than what came as stock. Nothing you couldn't have done with an EQ though. Sometimes...
  11. Antmax

    EH or Mullard Reissue EL34s?

    Yeah! I have CV4004 and 12ax7 Mullard reissues and they are selling for about $100 on ebay lol. I got both on Amazon for about $20 each when I got my DSL20 a couple of years ago.
  12. Antmax

    Stew Mac Fret Kisser

    If it wasn't so hideously expensive... Like half the price, then it would be a fantastic tool. I can do fretwork myself but it is a lot of work, and frets are something I avoid. It it was $80 I would snap one up. Instead I level the whole lot at once with a bar and spend ages recrowning the lot...
  13. Antmax

    Guitarist Dies From Electrocution

    Damn! Poor guys. Helps justify my wireless relay. No cables, no direct line to an AC power source.
  14. Antmax

    Death Of The Code?

    They are alright for what they are. The annoying thing is that they sound like they have potential only with my 50 the EQ is always fighting between treble and bass. Never finds a sweet spot so I'm always frustrated. The other thing is it has a hella lot of hum. They must have modeled it with...
  15. Antmax

    The Official Dsl20 Amp Thread (head And Combo)

    I found the 70/80 ok at home where you probably play at lower volumes but the louder you dial up the amp the more shrill and fizzy they get and the less I like them.
  16. Antmax

    DSL20CR question

    So long as volume is over 2 (9 o'clock) it will have some body in the tone. If that is too loud (might be at home) then attenuate or choke it. There is a very noticeable transition from light and fizzy to having a little punch and body once you get past that.
  17. Antmax

    DSL5c - The Ultimate Lo-Power Amp

    I have the CCW version of the DSL5c. If they had a matching cab I'd jump on it, yours look good paired up as a mini stack :).
  18. Antmax

    The Official Dsl20 Amp Thread (head And Combo)

    It's a really nice amp but with most of my guitars the clean is best as a pedal platform if you want some gain. It's kind of bright and articulate at living room volume while the Ultra gain almost starts where the clean left off. I changed the tubes on mine though. I have two kinds of Mullard...
  19. Antmax

    Famous Musicians You've Met

    Not many, but I've met Brian May a couple of times and a friend of a friend was Roget Taylor's neighbor. When I was about 19 we hopped over a hedge and gatecrashed one of his parties. Probably met other musicans there, Other than Queen I was more of a metal fan and wasn't paying much attention...
  20. Antmax

    Anyone Else On A Weight Loss/fitness Trip Since New Year?

    I started weight training last Nov. I mostly did it to strengthen my back after working in front of a computer for 20 years. It worked wonders on my upper back, have much better posture. Actually look pretty good, minor man boobs have changed into pecs and I actually have quite good aesthetics...

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