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    Preamp Tube Rolling

    Good Point
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    SOLD NOS/NIB Tungsram 12AX7/ECC83's

    I have 3 rft 12ax7s 1 NIB from kcanos 2 from tube store in white boxes bought as NOS Id trade the 3 for 2 tungsrams if interested. I have the purchase receipts for them.
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    Technique section?

    Im a Maiden Fan myself. What I do though with almost anything that is not a "memorable lick" from a song Im covering IS.......not try to copy it at all. Rather play along with the section many times till I come up with my own licks(using similar technique)that sound like they
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    Gave The Mg An Honest Try...

    My co guitarist in the band uses an mg50(gold panel one without presets fx? maybe)for rehearsals and it doesnt sound bad at all. Its Very usable. The MG amps Ive tried arent BAD they just dont have tube dynamics.....but I will say they sound better than some tube amps Ive tried/owned(both my...
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    Preamp Tube Rolling

    While I understand the theory behind listening to the same riff for consistent comparison. There are several of my licks that with the right tube combo become effortless and fluid....were as with the wrong set become more difficult and choppy sounding. There are certain tube sets that make me...
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    Greenback options

    At one time I had both a 1960ax(circa 1999) and an original 1969 straight cab with 3 of its original pulsonic greenbacks. The later was WELL broken in and the 1960AX had lots of gigs on it too. The RI greenbacks were more bright and harsh, kinda more presencey. They were OK and nice but NOT...
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    Trying out some new EH-EL34s..just got them.

    I had EH el34s in my SL-X 50w,er years back and they lasted till I sold it.
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    Pedalboard pictures

    Looking at the Marshall footswitches in the guess is you use your multi channel amps as single channel amps like me.........cept mine is mounted to the board.
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    I honestly cannot decide which amp is better!

    Yea I got a stash of GE short greys mostly for other amps of mine though. They got this great mid bark to my ears. Got some Ray BP Yugos and Sillys too. Surprisingly Im liking the bite of a chinese in V3 on my DSL15 lately.....which is surprising being as I have an ammo can of vintage ranging...
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    Pedalboard pictures

    Cover the board in carpet.....then throw a bag of sand and grass clippings on it........thats mine UGH!!!:facepalm: Cept mine goes Vox wah-> OD ->EH memory toy -> Korg tuner........with a Marshall footswitch above them(which I never plug in....why is it there??:hmm:)
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    Preamp Tube Rolling

    Oh yea. I agree. Usually two tubes of the same type/brand sound almost identical with miniscule differances. But in one case I had an I61 mullard in V1 of my 2210 head......I bought a strong testing backup for it and when I put it in...........VOALA!!! it sounded like shizz. :woot: I also hated...
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    Preamp Tube Rolling

    Oh I hear ya on auditory memory. But some are obvious they suck in the certian position. When ya find a few ya like ya gotta roll back and forth and see what compromises you want to make and decide......then retry to make sure you actually made the right decision........yea Im an anal...
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    Preamp Tube Rolling

    Nah actually another player online(big guy most would know)dont want to bad mouth just saying. To me its not so much the color of the tubes tone its the feel and everyone seems to never talk about that.
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    Preamp Tube Rolling

    OK first off I am a bonafide 12ax7 addict, I have rolled every position of every amp Ive owned since discovering the impact they make approx 20yrs ago. Ive had 100s of these little bottles. That said Ive watched a few YT videos were guys roll tubes and show you the differance. One in...
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    Origin 20 faults

    I wanted one but when I tried one in the store with gain dimed and boost on I was getting too loud and it wasnt even breaking up. I figured if its that powerstage dependent even at a comfortable stage Volume it would wind up too clean for me so I passed it up. Ya figure 20w is only 3db lower...
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    NAD = Marshall 1987s

    I THINK that is what the Korg RI I used in the studio years back was.....if so it was a monster. Nice amp.
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    Playing slide guitar

    I play allot of slide in the southern rock band. All standard tuning mostly solo work ,chords Ill usually break down into 2 or 3 note things rather than try to retune to open tunings. Prefer my SG with a dunlop glass slide just sounds right to me. Tried steel(too whooshy) tried the medicine...
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    Pedalboard pictures

    No this is NOT another "post your pedalboard" thread(can if ya want though). Rather an interesting question. Everyone allways posts pretty pictures of shiney pretty pedals wired up with George L's and the latest "Mega brick clean power 2000" power supply. Do they REALLY look like that??? I...
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    How has your Rig evolved in 2021 ?

    Hum....I added a Gibson LP Jr. to the arsenal.....then subtracted it to buy some Crest power amps for the PA system. Put new powertubes in the DSL15 combo......and did about 20 more rounds of preamp tube rolling to arrive at the flavor of the month...........Oh and lifted C6 on my SD-1.
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    I honestly cannot decide which amp is better!

    HAHA..........yea till that first less than stellar gig on the amp of your dreams.........youll be home that night with the back off rerolling tubes again......ask me how I know.:hmm: BTW nice RFT in the PI on the DSL........mine got rerolled back into the stash after my last less than stellar...

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