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  1. jvm210guy

    The importance of the name on the headstock

    What's important is how you feel on stage. If a name on a headstock makes you feel confident then why resist it... Ya, I like the way Fender or Gibson looks on my guitar, so I rock it..
  2. jvm210guy


    I think, if you watch his videos, Chapman likes simplicity. So, appearance takes a back seat to performance. I personally like color on my guitars, but as a musician I appreciate that approach. In fact, I fully intend on purchasing a Chapman guitar in the near future..
  3. jvm210guy

    SG's... On stage..

    My first SG was a 2012 Standard. I hated it honestly, I returned it half a week after I got it. The SG I have in the pic has no issues. It has a nice thick neck, but it is not neck heavy. Stays in tune great but I know a great tech. All my guitars stay in tune. Anyway, I don't know when I'm...
  4. jvm210guy

    SG's... On stage..

    Most of the time I'll use a ales Paul too.. My last two shows have been SG though, and I'm loving it..
  5. jvm210guy

    SG's... On stage..

    Show 'em, on stage...
  6. jvm210guy

    Tone Robbing Bridge Slots!!! Check this out!

    Reminds me, I gotta change mine too...
  7. jvm210guy

    How bad did I screw this up?

    I'd rather pay 60 dollars and learn nothing. Mind you, I don't care if my guitars get roughed up, but I won't purposely wreck my gear either. I guess my point is, a good/reputable tech will do it cleaner and also properly set the nut for intonation and spacing. What did you learn though?
  8. jvm210guy

    Restoring my 1981 gibson explorer e/2

    It would look cool with a blonde type of solid finish IMO . I love Explorers!
  9. jvm210guy

    Agile guitars

    As in selling...
  10. jvm210guy

    Agile guitars

    Ok I actually own and played an Agile. Yes, I still own it. Here's the deal, they are bottom line low end guitars. I got the gold top, which I do not recommend unless you're into vomit green or similar colors. Besides the terrible finish there were no real flaws, maybe just some long fret ends...
  11. jvm210guy

    NGD NOS Rare Ibanez Prestige RG

    Man, I've never seen anything like that. That is badass, congrats!
  12. jvm210guy

    2014 Les Paul Classic

    I like the new classics, I think the added some interesting features. Not a "classic design though...
  13. jvm210guy

    Went to Chicago Music Exchange.. Played some MiM Standard Tele's

    The Tele's felt "pro"... Perfect fit/finish... The other thing I forgot to mention was that the maple neck had a killer flame. It was ridiculous, something you see in the custom shop... Wow!!
  14. jvm210guy

    Went to Chicago Music Exchange.. Played some MiM Standard Tele's

    In a last minute decision I went to CME. I wanted to check out some mexi Tele's... I'm telling you guys, I'm a snob and I got to say Fender needs to try harder to show the value in MiA products. I played to Mexi Standards and they were beautiful, and sounded absolutely amazing... I played...
  15. jvm210guy

    How Do You Practice?

    I practice with my pants off.
  16. jvm210guy

    NGD! "Black logo" strat

    Looks like fun!
  17. jvm210guy

    9 lb 5 oz addition to the family.

    That explorer is sweet too..
  18. jvm210guy

    Fender USA Strat - Is this Sloppy Quality?

    So, Fender puts gloss on rosewood fretboards, or just the sides??

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