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  1. cozmacozmy

    eliminating the thin sound of the JCM 900(4100) and my love for Channel B

    I'm wondering if the the difference from the 900 and DSL compliment each other? If you had 2 DSL it might not.
  2. cozmacozmy

    eliminating the thin sound of the JCM 900(4100) and my love for Channel B

    That's awesome that GT-7025 helped out so well! I was worried that my recommendation wouldn't meet what you were looking for. I'm gad to hear it is working so much better for you now! As far as any other recommendation I'm afraid I can't help you there. I'm just a bedroom player myself and...
  3. cozmacozmy

    Baby SLO Mini

    Do you even remember the words you have already said here? You did write this earlier right? Wow dude... you need some serious help! Sorry I hurt your fee fees by saying I think this little amp sounds as good as a tube one. I will suggest though you might want to hear one in person before...
  4. cozmacozmy

    Baby SLO Mini

    Oh the irony x2...
  5. cozmacozmy

    Baby SLO Mini

    Oh the irony...
  6. cozmacozmy

    Baby SLO Mini

    Sounds tube to me!
  7. cozmacozmy

    Baby SLO Mini

    For someone who has never heard it in person... (Here is a hint... I have!) You seem kinda full of yourself! As far as the "starting a fight" comment... You seemed to have started that all on your own and is WHY I even posted! Grow up!
  8. cozmacozmy

    Baby SLO Mini

    You didn't offend me... I only get offended by people I care about there opinions. I just find it hilarious all the non stop whinning about a product you obviously don't like. We get it, you don't like it. Move along! LOL
  9. cozmacozmy

    Baby SLO Mini

    Why are you so angry about a product that it seems pretty clear you're not going to buy? if you don't like it (before you have even played one by the way...) fine, just move along. Why get so worked up and piss on everyone else who is interested in this new amp? smh This is why I don't post...
  10. cozmacozmy

    Baby SLO Mini

    My best friend bought one of these SLO mini's the day it was released. It sounds amazing! It sounds and feels just like a real tube SLO! The various demo videos out there really do catch the sound and feel of this amp. I still can't believe they pulled this off with a solid state class D power...
  11. cozmacozmy

    Relic'd Guitars are for Posers

    Never understood why someone elses property triggers so many people... It's not you guitar so why do those who don't like relics get so worked up by them? You're not going to buy it! SMH 🤣🤣
  12. cozmacozmy

    NCD and my JCM900DR gets reborn!

    New speaker cabinet for me. I've never had a "good" speaker cab in all the years I've had my JCM 900DR. I've had an off brand cab and the basic Randall cab with the Jaguar speakers. Both sounded the same and made me think that the "tone" I my head that I've been searching for wasn't being lost...
  13. cozmacozmy


    Other than the bias capacitor going out, which I was able to fix myself for the cost of new EL34's and a $4 capacitor. My #4500 JCM 900DR has been trouble free. For those complaining about the sound of these 900DR... Try and get a GT 7025 which is just a EI 12ax7 from Grove Tubes. My best...
  14. cozmacozmy

    Info needed for fane model 122412 50 watt purpleback speaker

    I know this is an old post, it showed up on a Google search while looking for some info on the Fane speakers. I've been on a Fane search down the rabbit hole of tone lately. I just bought a Randall Lynchbox cab with the Celestion Lynchback speakers. I recently played a buddies green Lyncbox...
  15. cozmacozmy

    Is my JCM900 box fixable

    The problem was he didn't want to do any investigation or diagnosis of what was causing his problems. He just wanted to make post after post and hope someone would finally come along and confirm to him that he needed to replace the cab. When no one did he got mad and just went out and replaced...
  16. cozmacozmy

    Is my JCM900 box fixable

    Sad that I missed this thread till now. Did he ever fess up to buying that new cab and if it ever "fixed" his problem? LOL
  17. cozmacozmy

    Mojotone OT to JCM 900

    Have you contacted Mojotone?
  18. cozmacozmy

    Bias jcm 900 2501 and what to ask

    I had a problem with that C15 bias cap in my 4500 JCM900 a few months back. Here is the post I made that talks about what I found and how I repaired it.
  19. cozmacozmy

    Bias Probe - what to get? (2021 edition)

    I got 2 of those ones Fitz has listed from Amazon and I was very surprised how well they are made. Feels like a good quality product. Worked on my recent 900 repair. I'd buy them again in a heart beat...

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