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  1. South Park

    Help a Newbie with BIAS

    to bias that amp you need to read the amps not the volts . you need a bias probe and a amp meter to read the idle current 0f the tube
  2. South Park

    Origin 5 input mod problem

    you may have lost the ground on the jack. if ground is good you can jumper wire a 9 volts to the jack and trace it out with a meter
  3. South Park

    Need 5E3 Build Troubleshooting Help

    check your pin conections on the tube sockets
  4. South Park

    SV20H & SC20H power section?

    You need a amp with a slave out . with out a volume control you can have a signal power problems . The grounding can can be problem to
  5. South Park

    I fired up my jmp 2204 yesterday, first time in 12-16 months

    Sometimes when you let a amp sit for while . You can lose some ground connections . and you get a ground loop Wiggle the tubes a little bit
  6. South Park

    JCM 800 hiss problem

    that Hissing sound is a bad ground in the guitar . When you touch the strings you become ground. The pickups bridge and strings must be grounded with the amp . If not the grid on V1 will pick up power and hiss
  7. South Park

    1983 Marshall JCM 800 2204 has way more gain but not in a good way then my 1982

    It is good you your amp is fixed . filter Caps hold a charge in them so when the half AC wave drops the filter caps take over and the wave is a strait line . so when the caps go bad you have to much ripple you still have voltage from the transformer . I did have a set of caps that where open...
  8. South Park

    1983 Marshall JCM 800 2204 has way more gain but not in a good way then my 1982

    the filter caps do not cut voltage to the plates when they go bad. Have you checked the bias . If it is a combo you might look at the speaker .
  9. South Park

    1983 Marshall JCM 800 2204 has way more gain but not in a good way then my 1982

    The gain stage is all in the first tube .change it out with other tubes you can cut some guitar signal by lowering the pick ups
  10. South Park

    Still not sure about some JVM mods

    The choke and filter caps are like a back up power supply when the voltage drops on the tube plates the transformer does not see it . It can make a difference in tone and feel
  11. South Park

    low budget music video

    Good job
  12. South Park

    Hawaiian Tea

    Does it come in green bud flavor
  13. South Park

    What body wood is this?? NGD Epiphone Explorer

    I would say birch .
  14. South Park

    Carlos Santana collapses on stage!

    I always liked that Mexican rock sound he has . As good as he is he never went far enough with it
  15. South Park

    Greetings From Los Angeles

    If you are ever in Oxnard jesses tacos in the best Mexican food in town
  16. South Park

    DSL5CR making strange noise

    You could have a ground loop in the house wiring . run A separate neutral wire to a different circuit see if it helps
  17. South Park

    Greetings From Los Angeles

    Greetings I lived in Ventura great place
  18. South Park

    Rescued Les Paul!

    Great job that large flake paint job is not easy it takes a lot of clear coat to cover that flake
  19. South Park

    Transformer Brackets Bent - AGAIN! - Opinions Please?

    Made in China . If you can remove the screws and bend it back . The transformer should be more stable then that
  20. South Park

    Has anyone here built a Mesa Mark II

    Not a easy build I don’t think you can get a printed board for that or a good wire layout .

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