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  1. CaptainZero

    2016 Fantasy Football

    I'm in. Thanks for the PM.
  2. CaptainZero

    Hot sauce your favorites

    I use sriracha the most, but also I really like these 2: And, the green flash in this picture
  3. CaptainZero

    Katy Perry is who?

    Total bs. You couldn't keep her from knowing. Stupid.
  4. CaptainZero

    Triumph documentary

    Love Triumph! :headbanger:
  5. CaptainZero


    I would like to like that.
  6. CaptainZero

    This girl needs some YouTube views if you can help.

    Kanye ****ed up her Grammy performance by hacking the piano mic.
  7. CaptainZero

    R.I.P Vanity.

    Rip :(
  8. CaptainZero

    "I'm sorry,you can't do that here"

    Thank you. I'll try that next time.
  9. CaptainZero

    "I'm sorry,you can't do that here"

    I don't know why it doesn't embed the gif, so you'll have to click. :shrug:
  10. CaptainZero

    This guy's lost his mind !!!!

    I love how they all went after him.
  11. CaptainZero

    Guitar picks

    I like the red Jazz III's. I probably use them WAY too long, just like my strings, but they're my favorite. Oh, the small ones. I accidentally bout the slightly larger ones, and I don't care for those.
  12. CaptainZero

    the Grammys

  13. CaptainZero

    New Guitar Supergroup Tour Announced...

    I'm afraid that would be a mess. It will be interesting to see though.
  14. CaptainZero

    CODE: 25 vs 50

    From the time I put in my order for my AFD, until it shipped... Months, and months (6+ if I remember right). It was pathetic, but at least it finally showed.
  15. CaptainZero

    kanye 53 Million in debt

    He's a prick, and even if he gets his **** together this time, he'll just spend more. No different than the athletes that are broke when they get out of sports. Other than I consider them to actually have a talent. Maybe when he runs for president... :rolleyes:
  16. CaptainZero

    Is gigging worth it?

    Do it so you can experience it. It's quite the rush!
  17. CaptainZero

    Hey Aussie! Is this true?

    Egg on the burger is usually called a hangover burger around here. The other one that has hit a few menus around here, in the last couple of years, is a burger with bacon, and peanut butter on it. Sounds bad, but it's really good. :yesway:
  18. CaptainZero

    Original 1971 Slant 4x12 Cabinet

    Looks beautiful. Not sure I could part with it.
  19. CaptainZero

    NGD: Airline H77

    Sharp looking. Congrats.
  20. CaptainZero

    WOW Brutal Tone!!!

    How did I miss this? :applause:

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