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  1. adew1

    Plexi Kits or sourcing it all yourself?

    I'd get a Valvestorm kit too, with transformers from Amp Parts Direct.
  2. adew1

    Marshall Plexi Head cab builders-UK or USA

    Zilla built me a really nice JMP style headshell for my 100 watt build. Would use them again.
  3. adew1

    JTM50 build finished

    Great job!
  4. adew1

    How Difficult Is It To Build Say a JCM800 Replica?

    My first build was a 2204 from a kit. Not difficult, as long as you are methodical and double-check your work at each stage. Having a clearly readable layout diagram and a schematic to hand is essential, of course. Pay attention to lead dress. Be inspired by the various build threads. You'll see...
  5. adew1

    NAD - Orange OR15H. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Totally agree. The OR15 is an awesome amp with a surprising range of tones. It's basically the same circuit as the Dark Terror but with a slightly more vintage voicing. I liked the OR15 so much that I built an EL34 version, which you can read about here if interested...
  6. adew1

    Orange-Marshall Mashup

    A little update... Still in love with this creation, but decided that the knobs looked a bit wimpy so I swapped them out for these. Granger FX loop also now installed and working great.
  7. adew1

    Hiwatt DR504 build

    @David Copeland Lovely build! How does it sound?
  8. adew1

    Montgomery Ward Airline GIM-9151A

    Yes, super cool! Looks great! What does it sound like?
  9. adew1

    Power transformer help! JTM-45

    I'm pretty sure that Mojotone sells the same stuff.
  10. adew1

    Power transformer help! JTM-45

    @Marcomel79 Great job with the headshell!
  11. adew1

    Build Journal: Bogen CHB35a to switchable Bass/2204

    Ouch! Sorry to hear that...
  12. adew1

    Build Journal: Bogen CHB35a to switchable Bass/2204

    Hey @_Steve If I remember well when you were helping me with the LTP woes on my Orange-Marshall mashup, the point was mentioned (by you? someone?) that it isn't possible to get a reliable grid voltage reading with a typical DMM, so I think you can ignore those measurements. With the cathode at...
  13. adew1

    Build Journal: Bogen CHB35a to switchable Bass/2204

    Will be following this with interest. The Bogen is a PA amp, right? Looks like it will be a fun project!
  14. adew1

    Power transformer help! JTM-45

    Throwing in my 2 centimes :)... I've built 3 amps, two using the Modulus style single ground point (plus separate mains grounding point) like the one @Pete Farrington linked to and @2L man discussed, and one using a more traditional star grounding approach, being a modified Metro layout. The...
  15. adew1

    Power transformer help! JTM-45

    Looking good! I always label the loose wires too, I think it is a good idea.
  16. adew1

    Transformers for 18W/20W Marshallish project.

    Have a look at
  17. adew1

    Power transformer help! JTM-45

    I thought this thread was about a JTM 45 build. :D The OP is building Tube-Town's mini plexi kit, 18w with 2 x EL84. Looking forward to seeing the final result. Keep those pics coming @Marcomel79. Looking good!
  18. adew1

    Mojotone Effects Loop V2 sounds terrible

    I've used both the Metro and the Granger loops in recent builds and wouldn't hesitate to use either in future. Perhaps the Granger is slightly better thought out thanks to the arrangement of trim pots (send and return trim) that can be accessed via the jacks, without having to remove the chassis...
  19. adew1

    Anyone else having a long wait for Metro transformers?

    That's amazing, considering you ordered in May. I ordered mine beginning of February. :shrug: Anyway, I managed to cancel my order and have just received a full refund. What a waste of time and effort.
  20. adew1


    Looks great!

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