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  1. Maggot Brain

    Vintage Modern LDM VS Studio Vintage

    I'm about to come full circle, it's been a journey but my next amp will be another Vintage Modern but this time the 100watter. Great tone and playing man! I vote VM all the way!
  2. Maggot Brain

    NMD: DSL40C Vintage

    So I've been selling and trading, wheelin' and dealin' and couldn't pass this up. I've said over the past year or so I'd like to pick up a DSL40C or CR and when I saw a post featuring these retro styling DSLs here on the MF I knew if I got one it would be one of these. I actually really love...
  3. Maggot Brain

    NAD: A Frickin' Bassbreaker 45

    Ironically I sold the Bassbreaker 45 and now have a Super Sonic 60. I admit I miss the Bassbreaker 45 A LOT and kinda wish I hung onto it and shoved some Greenbacks in it. I still think the BB45 is one of the best sounding amps I've ever played, perfect mix between Bassman and JTM imo but my...
  4. Maggot Brain

    One BAD Monkey!

    I still have yet to find a more "transparent" OD and my goto every day. I like dialing it in for just a edge of breakup if not just a little crunchy when playing at lower volumes, works great.
  5. Maggot Brain

    G12M Creamback or Scumback M75-PVC or... for open back 1x12?

    Thanks for the input! The purist in me is leaning towards Scumback, they always sound good in demos but I can't help but feel the "fuller" sound of the Creambacks would be so beneficial for the 1x12... 🤔 Thanks man! I've narrowed it down to the Creamback M65 and the Scumback M75-PVC 65w...
  6. Maggot Brain

    G12M Creamback or Scumback M75-PVC or... for open back 1x12?

    I tried throwing a Vtype in the SS60 and it just confirmed I don't really like the Vtypes after all. It also opened my eyes to how good the V30 sounds in comparison... Just so much more alive. The Vtypes really exaggerated the Fender scoop on the vintage/clean channel so the V30's mid push...
  7. Maggot Brain

    Need advise on getting a DSL 100 plugged into a Silver Jubilee

    Just get a cheap Y cable! It will be a blast!
  8. Maggot Brain

    G12M Creamback or Scumback M75-PVC or... for open back 1x12?

    I'm lacking in speaker experience and really could use some guidance or input. I just picked up a used Fender Supersonic 60 and loving it's versatility but I definitely want a different speaker. It came stock with a Vintage 30 and I really would enjoy something more vintage Greenback and have...
  9. Maggot Brain

    Guess the speakers!

    Drum roll......... The stock Acoustic branded 30 watt speakers! Haha. Nothing special BUT I have to say to MY ears they have a distinct Greenback character especially when compared to my Vtypes. I've gone back and fourth swapping my Vtypes and these stockers and honestly I prefer...
  10. Maggot Brain

    Tone King Gremlin 5 watt

    This video has left me nearly speechless... That tone he is getting is just incredible! He just sold me on the Gremlin, I'm getting one! 😄
  11. Maggot Brain

    Guess the speakers!

    Ok, We got 2 Greenback votes and 1 G12T75. Anyone else? I'll reveal soon.
  12. Maggot Brain

    What do I have in here? (JTM45 content)

    Amazing find! My dream amp! Did anyone else catch the P.A. scratched out on "Super (P.A.) Amplifier"? Appears someone wrote "100" over "P.A." Very very very amazing score 👏
  13. Maggot Brain

    NAD: Fender Blues Deluxe RI

    This little amp is just fire 🔥 I'm getting strong Tweed Bassman vibes from this amp and I mean tone wise... If not almost a little JTMish too! The clean is warm warm warm! Oh so warm, I can and have noodled for hours, single note runs are beautiful and full. The amp is very bass heavy, I keep...
  14. Maggot Brain

    Suggestion for grunge guitar

    Definitely a HB loaded Duo Sonic! A yellow one 🤘
  15. Maggot Brain

    Birthday Amp | Ltd Ed SV20H / 1974CX

    Belated Happy Birthday!!! 🎂 🥳 HNAD! That has to be one of the most beautiful SV20s 😍 I never even knew those limited editions existed! What day was your birthday? I just had a birthday myself!
  16. Maggot Brain

    NAD: Fender Blues Deluxe RI

    Like crystal clear buttery drizzled silk. Daisy chaining the SV20 and the Blues Deluxe? Tone heaven 😍 🙌
  17. Maggot Brain

    NAD: Fender Blues Deluxe RI

    Hot damn this little amp is smokin' hot! I've been GASing bad for a Fender amp after playing a friend's Vibrolux and this amp popped up. I offered to trade my old Strat and the seller accepted and I couldn't be happier. This thing completely surpassed all my expectations and now I have sore...
  18. Maggot Brain

    Cool Johan video - Plexi vs. Solid State

    This was an incredible Lead 12 advertisement! I already want one but now I know I NEED one. I saw this when he posted it and forgot to check back in an hour, thanks for reminding me! I guessed right but was anxious to know what SS amp that was.
  19. Maggot Brain

    NPD La Grange 🤘

    HNPD What do these do?
  20. Maggot Brain

    From the WTF file....

    And yet he didn't even put a Super Distortion in it... Brutal fail.

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