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  1. BanditPanda

    Help setting up pedals and effects loop….

    Understood if, however, I was in a tribute band who's first 5 years of live sound were based on Ampeg SVT's and the period thereafter based on Fender Twin's then I would have to depend on effects to get me there now wouldn't I.
  2. BanditPanda

    Help setting up pedals and effects loop….

    In effects loop I presume order of pedal placement in a loop is of consequence? Is it the "send" or the " return " which is closest to the power tubes? For example I also want to run a pre amp pedal and a cab sim in the loop and am thinking the cab sim should be last in the chain i.e. closest to...
  3. BanditPanda

    Help setting up pedals and effects loop….

    Do not understand. Example: I want to put a cab sim and a pre amp pedal in the loop. I'm thinking the cab sim should be signal closest to the power tubes i.e. preamp>cab sim> power tubes. So which pedal is the "out" and which the" in" ? BP
  4. BanditPanda

    Bad News Tubes: 3/11/2022

    Electric guitar players and their gear are fading into the sunset. No?
  5. BanditPanda

    Treble Booster Impact?

    What nick said. The treble booster should come right after your guitar i.e. first in the chain. It is a pretty hard and fast rule.:agreed:;) :2c: BP
  6. BanditPanda

    Pulled the trigger on a SV20H

    Yes indeed. My bad...between the preamp stage and power amp section
  7. BanditPanda

    Pulled the trigger on a SV20H

    ".......the effects loop on the SV20H is before the power tubes"...... Seriously? Who knew? How does that even make any sense? BP
  8. BanditPanda

    Wow, Glad I placed An Order & Received My Tubes!!

    And now you're threatening a disabled U.S. Marine.? smh. BP
  9. BanditPanda

    Bogner La Grange and SV20H

    Well, 2 things.First the more knobs & switches the more opportunity for something to go wrong,right? On the other hand lots of varieties of tones. Actually imo varieties come in very well for recording whereas live you're not gonna be getting on your hands and knees flipping switches and turning...
  10. BanditPanda

    Bad News Tubes: 3/11/2022

    Had a full set of Svetlana's in my cart at the tube store. Was going to run at about 180 bucks. Went to make the purchase last night and the cost had risen to over 300 bucks! That cart got emptied pretty darn quick I'll tell ya. Still got the original Marshall tubes as spares so will be ok for...
  11. BanditPanda

    Bad News Tubes: 3/11/2022

    Same here with a MIAB pedal which shouted Best Marshall Pedal Ever! Bought it. It wasn't. He just entered a phase which was purely do as many as you can for the money not really caring about what he was endorsing imo.
  12. BanditPanda

    WGS Green Beret

    Ditto. 2 x 12 stack.One with ET65 and one with the Retro.
  13. BanditPanda

    I want an SG with P90s without getting an SG -UPDATE ON P4

    Gotta admit I like the look of that Noventa. BP
  14. BanditPanda

    18 watt in this?

    Of course I can't speak for anybody else on here but none of us would be caught dead with that amp!
  15. BanditPanda

    Is tone really in the fingers?

    You are a vexational preponderence!
  16. BanditPanda

    Marshall DSL 40 reverb

    Ditto on the Hardwire reverb. i have the RV7 on the board.
  17. BanditPanda

    Marshall Style Cab Plans? Specs?

    Not that I have answers to your inquiries and no doubt your are doing what you want however I went with 2 x 1 x 12 Can be more practical on occasion.
  18. BanditPanda

    Honky Tonk Women

    Terrible version just the same. BP
  19. BanditPanda

    how shops price your trade in and why.

    Listened to about 8 minutes. I imagine they did not address custom guitars. Like we put new tuners/pick guard/pups ( prolly much higher value than what's in a standard issue) etc.,etc. Do those upgrades we most all do get taken into consideration, I wonder? BP

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