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  1. jeffb

    Oh Lookie ! another one!

    I know choices are good, but yeeshh...I guess it's an easy sell for the pedal makers so they just keep regurgitating them ad nauseum 3 vids in my feed already
  2. jeffb

    Olivia Newton John 73 RIP...

    Grease?? Ick. My Wife (younger than me) remembers her for that, but not I. I grew up listening to her on 8 TRACK - My Mom & Dad loved her music, and her early music was playing on every roadtrip in my Dad's MKIV. There were several great songs, but this one seemed to stick with me through the...
  3. jeffb

    Ace Frehley. Who's a fan?

    Well Ace hasn't done all that much (comparatively)since he left the band (originally) He hasn't had nearly 50 years of nonstop physical abuse ...except for his liver.:lol:
  4. jeffb

    Ace Frehley. Who's a fan?

    Not surprising. Paul had two total knee replacements.
  5. jeffb

    NGD - (another) Kauer Banshee Deluxe!

    P.s. surprisingly light. My 05 Firebird Studio was around the same. Most are much heavier.
  6. jeffb

    NGD - (another) Kauer Banshee Deluxe!

    You suck. Jk of course. Totes Jelly. Congrats on a(nother) amazing 'bird.
  7. jeffb


    Had the exact same one, finish and everything that I bought in 93. Amazing guitars and you'll never find anything like them again. GLWTS Brent
  8. jeffb

    A shoutout to SV20's

    Its far more practical for 99% of the consumers than the amps it was inspired by.
  9. jeffb

    I've got a pals sv20h for a few days and it sucks

    That is excellent to hear- I wish him the best- sounds like Dad is on the ball! :) My Son did amazing at College, I just hope his specialized degree (BA-Music Industry) will help him elsewhere once he realizes it's just not that easy to make it in the Music industry. Luckily he inherited some...
  10. jeffb

    Any Wolfetone pickup fans here??

    I don't own any of Wolfe's pickups.... YET. I've played two different Les Pauls with his pickups ( stock Marshallheads , and the Legends) and they are an absolute steal at full price. with the special he's been running since the Covidiocy started and the increase in prices of production line...
  11. jeffb

    I've got a pals sv20h for a few days and it sucks

    Its the least expensive alternative anyway. Clips are deceiving. In person is a much better way to try them. The Origins are a sort of JTM45, 1959 hybrid tone with less 3 dimensional depth, complexity, dynamics, clarity,and balls than those original amps (or reissues/clones) have. Not that...
  12. jeffb

    I've got a pals sv20h for a few days and it sucks

    Of course you were. My advice still stands
  13. jeffb

    I've got a pals sv20h for a few days and it sucks

    Send them to a trade school instead of a 4 year University- much cheaper , they will get a much better education and real world life skills*, and you will have money for the amp. *Having had my oldest Kid graduate from college recently, I am speaking from experience.
  14. jeffb

    The importance of cables

    Cables make a difference for sure. And while clarity is often a good thing for some rigs, it can be detrimental to others depending on your choices. If you are going for more vintage tones, especially using single coil guitars and brighter amps, a higher capacitance cable is is usually a...
  15. jeffb

    Which Marshall Signature Amp would you choose?

    They were all 6550s in the eighties (in the USA). Does the ZW cost more than an original these days? (i.e. a collectable?) My three 800's came with 6550s. I had the 2204 converted to EL34s to match my 2104.
  16. jeffb

    Likely the end of Dean guitars

    Paul's pickups are polarizing for sure. I'll say this though- love or hate the "in room" sound- they cut through a mix, and record really well. My original Custom had the "holy grail" original treble and bass pickups- before they moved on to the HFS and vintage bass. Those "holy grails"...
  17. jeffb

    PSA: if you are selling a Les Paul

    FWIW-weight is a big factor for me too. Weight did not used to bother me, though I've always preferred light guitars (guitar I learned on was a featherweight hollow-body) Now into my 50s and back/other surgeries later, weight and overall comfort makes a big diff. I don't gig anymore. But I do...
  18. jeffb

    Which Marshall Signature Amp would you choose?

    I tried to keep it to one, and voted YJM. But only because you didn't have the Bernie Marsden amp up there to choose.
  19. jeffb

    PSA: if you are selling a Les Paul

    Agreed, but I think most people never weigh them or have an accurate means of doing so. I always get "it's like a pound more than my strat" or "IDK maybe 8, 9, 10 pounds?" type of answers.
  20. jeffb

    Got another Friedman--Smallbox head

    I've played early 60s 15s and 30s, my Guitar mentor was a collector of vintage gear (before vintage gear became huge in the 90s) I'm not a big fan of Vox amps/the Vox sound. And respectfully I don't agree with Dave. I've played his El84 amps- not the same. You can't turn an apple into an...