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  1. SmokeyDopey

    Marshall Forum Stuff Box™ (an assortment one-off's you don't wanna start a whole thread for)

    Awesome, Vin. Same here. I already passed the test, I just need to do the paperwork (who the hell wants to do that, right?) I usually listen to a repeater that's a few kilometers away. Its always a bunch of old dudes talking about gear. It sort of reminds of some place...
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    Here we go again, my 1 year old 1960 cab is rattling .....

    Where do you live? Is it a really dry climate? Could that possibly have something to do with it?
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    “Satanic” YouTube “Easter Egg”?

    The line is a lot blurrier, Vin. If you won't touch a Tarot deck, you probably shouldn't even be listening to Rock music. I'd say you're more of a spiritual vegetarian (if the devil is eating meat). You're making it sound like you're a vegan, but Rock music is your cheese.
  4. SmokeyDopey

    “Satanic” YouTube “Easter Egg”?

    Entering this thread automatically makes you a Satanist
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    Old Caps, no Variac - Possible workaround w/stepdown transformer?

    The step down transformer is huge, in fact probably overkill for the amp. Not sure what power it can handle, but it is definitely bigger than any power transformer I've seen on any amp. I use it for an old refrigerator and it doesn't even get warm. This amp hasn't been turned on in maybe 2...
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    Old Caps, no Variac - Possible workaround w/stepdown transformer?

    Hello all, I have a mid 90's Sovtek Mig 50 that hasn't been turned on for a couple of months. It has all original caps, and I'm not planning on replacing them yet. I understand that techs use a variac to bring it up slowly to normal operating voltage to go easier on the caps and let them...
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    Guess the speakers!

    No idea what speakers, but it sounds really cool. I'll also say greenbacks. We call it fuzz :cool:
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    NAD : 1979 JMP 2203

    My drummer got a 79 2203 a couple of years ago which I used in rehearsals and some shows, and we used it to record guitars and bass. He already sold it to an acquaintance and to this day I still protest. Arguably the best amp I've ever played through. Extremely versatile. The 2203 itself is a...
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    OMG, now it's skunks at night all's of a sudden! WTF (what the frick)?

    What's up fellas? Hey it smells pretty good in here...
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    What is Metal to you?

    Thunder, gallop, battle, blood, sweat
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    Post whatever's in your head this very second...

    Should I go through the hassle of adding another reamp pass with the sovtek set cleaner?
  12. SmokeyDopey

    1987 plexi weird treble noise

    Awesome, thanks for posting. It sounds great! What? 9 months? haha sounds like you have years of experience.
  13. SmokeyDopey

    1987 plexi weird treble noise

    Awesome! I'd like to hear a clip of it when you have it dialed in.
  14. SmokeyDopey

    1987 plexi weird treble noise

    To me that seems what was happening, but I'm not a tech, so I can't say it with certainty. When we set the level conservatively on the Ampex, the amp sounded normal, but past a certain point it started to get splatty. Since that preamp has a lot more gain compared to a normal pedal boost it was...
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    1987 plexi weird treble noise

    Ok, I see what you mean by "crashing" sound. I'm hearing like a "splatty" distortion. At the beginning of the clip it sounds pretty normal. 7 seconds in I start to hear that splattiness, and 14 seconds in it becomes a lot more obvious. My bandmates and I were testing ways to boost a bassman for...
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    Your Avatar

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    Simple recording gear

    I bought a BOSS BR 1180 almost 20 years ago, nice little gadget. It probably still works, but I don't know since the PSU is busted, and they're expensive down here, so I won't bother. As for mics a 57 or a 58 is pretty standard. Recognizable sound and works on pretty much anything you put in...
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    Here's some of my older material

    Thanks for sharing Vin, that was cool