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    Marshall Studio Classic SC20C price drop in Europe

    Bit of a first world problem eh, here in Australia we've always been paying through the nose for pretty much everything and the amps aren't an exception :( Lucky effin' country yeah right!
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    Ever since I swapped the power tubes in my 40CR with a pair of EHX the bias reading on both left and right are around 40mv, won't drop lower. Before, with the original Marshall and then a pair of JJs, I could bias them in the low 30s. I'm not really fussed, the amp sounds very good and the tubes...
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    Changing Impendence on 4 x 12 cab

    You can turn a 4 speakers 16ohm cab into a 4ohm one by rewiring it. If all speakers are 16ohm, they'll all go in parallel. For 8ohm 2 of the speakers will be bypassed, or you can wire it with 2 8ohm inputs using all 4 speakers, 2 per input...
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    Bridge humbucker with bite, tight low end, lots of treble

    Duncan Distortion, but that's ceramic
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    BAD news for guitar players.

    Watched few minutes of that typical yt click bait poor attempt and thought: hold on, it's the same for us with that sofa bed we want to have in the dining area, if we keep procrastinating it'll go up in price, so what do we do? Do we want it? Yes! Do we need it? Mmm yeah, I guess we do, maybe...
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    DSL40 CR problem

    Was the amp in 40 or 20W mode when you biased it?
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    The problem with coated strings

    That's how they go on my Floyd guitars :)
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    Sad day

    This is the song of the day, helps with covid home quarantine too!
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    Sad day

    Every time I watch him playing it feels like the guitar is an extension of his body. So joyful and natural, some people are just naturally gifted, he's no doubt on the same level of excellence with the likes of Chopin, Michael Jordan or Lionel Messi :) Naturally gifted and hard working makes for...
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    Add OD to FX loop

    It'd be good to know how you dialed in your amp and what speakers / cab you're using. I have a DSL40CR and 3 OD pedals plus an EQ, all are doing a fantastic job as clean boost (except for the SD-1, for some reason I just can't stand the upper mid hump). Not harsh sounding at all, but plenty of...
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    Best Marshall for Downtuned Death Metal????

    Interesting how he isn't using the loop circuit of the NS-2.
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    Moving House

    Moving interstate in 3 weeks time, Victoria to Qld. Not fun, the closer we get to the date the more I panic. We're using a removals company, but there's still stuff I'll be towing for 1800kms.
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    What do you think Marshall reverb is?

    Could never gel with the DSL reverb, once I rolled it off on the clean channel suddenly my clean tone with a hint of chorus (very, veerrrrryyy low rate, low-medium depth) became clearer. Wonder why? So, in my case, the Marshall reverb is redundant.
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    Creamback 75’s or V30’s with a DSL20hr?

    Thanks, I might have to give them another chance, maybe in an open back cab(?)
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    Creamback 75’s or V30’s with a DSL20hr?

    Don't you find these extra bright? I've got a pair pulled out of a Laney 2x12, they're fantastic for sparkling clean but for high gain / thrash metal kind of tones they're unusable, unless I cut the highs and presence completely.
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    Creamback 75’s or V30’s with a DSL20hr?

    That is brilliant! Can't wait to move into the new house so I can get another cab for my DSL. I'll probably go with a 2x12 though, with my dodgy disc moving a loaded 4x12 around might turn me into a liability :)
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    JCM 2000 DSL 401 vs DSL 40C

    Welcome! If you want master volume you're looking at 40CR
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    Your last pedal;

    Maxon OD808X, killer as boost.
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    Wrist pickers-Arm pickers-Pinky posters ...Picking style?

    @dptone5 excellent, all great information, really appreciate it, thanks a lot :) As you said, working on your routine and discipline is a big part of it. And going for a "scholastic" approach, like say Guthrie Govan or Frank Gambale will definitely speed up the progress. When I'm playing, or...
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    Can someone tell me why we still dont have precision pots that are regular cost??

    I'm a no tone pot person, replacing them all with a treble bleed DPDT switch, so from my perspective I'd think the 20-30Kohm difference is easily cancelled by adjusting the eq on the amp / pedals, or using a different cable length of the same type. Or moving 1 step sideways when playing. All...