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    DSL replacement footswitch

    hi all - the footswitch for my DSL5CR is pretty big and takes up a chunk of room on my pedalboard - does anyone know of a smaller aftermarket pedal that I could use instead? I know Saturnworks makes pedals that do a similar thing but how would i know it work work with my amp - anyone?
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    Delay recommendation

    I'm in the process of building a pedalboard and the last thing I need to get now is a delay - I already have an ancient Chorus (Guyatone) that to my ears sounds way better than more recent digital models so I need a delay but should I go digital or analogue? I'd like to get your thoughts. My amp...
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    Dsl5cr distorted clean channel

    Anyone got the Marshall dsl5 5w combo? got one from Amazon today and it sounds so dire it surely must be faulty - the 'ultra gain' channel sounds good but I simply cannot get a clean sound at all from the 'classic gain' channel - it's nice and clean for a few minutes then breaks up - even on...

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