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    Looking For A Technician Or Shop in North-West England or Welsh Border Areas?

    Hi, Sorry if I'm not meant to be asking this but I'm looking for a technician or a shop, maybe a specialist place to take a look at a couple of valve amps for me, maybe carry out some circuit component replacement or maybe some mods, one in particular is not a happy bunny. I already tried...
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    Studio Jubilee 2536A or SC212?

    I'm looking at some different 2x12 cabinets to buy, mainly to see if the power amp that was part of the deal when I bought a JMP-1 Preamp is something I'd want to keep. I had the power amp (a 9005 50W stereo) serviced & re-valved by a professional as I figured even if I don't keep it I'd get a...
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    Need Some Advice re my JCM800 4212 50w Combo?

    The 'clean' channel breaks up a fair bit when the gain is turned up but it lacks an brightness. Maybe I need to get a graphic pedal as there's only a Treble & Bass control on that channel and even with the treble up to 10 and the bass at just before mid-day it's woolly. The boost channel has...
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    Need Some Advice re my JCM800 4212 50w Combo?

    Yes sorry my fault, I'm still getting used to the way this forum works, I'm a social media noob so my apologies for that. Anyway yes I get what you're saying. The noise is worse when I play the LP that has unpotted pickups in it, but they're coming out for a set of SDs very soon now. I play...
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    Need Some Advice re my JCM800 4212 50w Combo?

    The new power tubes were biased when fitted. It's a 1987 model and a small ancillary circuit was removed as it's not in the earlier models. The tech consulted directly with someone at Marshall before proceeding on that. Would there be any advantage to using a Mullard valve over a Mesa for V1...
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    Need Some Advice re my JCM800 4212 50w Combo?

    Thanks for your comments, very much appreciated. I'm pretty sure Mesa are using Sov Tek as their source at the moment, I seem to remember reading that some place a while back. They're the kind where you can't see the heater and don't appear to glow when powered up if that's any help. I bought...
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    Need Some Advice re my JCM800 4212 50w Combo?

    So I bought a JCM800 4212 a few months back and it doesn't sound so good. It was from seller on Reverb and we met in a car park about half way between our respective homes so I didn't get a chance to listen to it before buying but the seller had 100% good feedback. Also I figured it's...

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