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  1. cmsaw83

    NGD... Old School Meets New School

    Thanks Mitch... I got my hardware swap completed, aside from the black speed knobs and the black strap locks I ordered, which won't be here for another Day or so, but as soon as they arrive and I get them on, I will post a few update pics with the end result! Loving the DSL100HR through my new...
  2. cmsaw83

    NGD... Old School Meets New School

    Thanks Del Rei!
  3. cmsaw83

    NGD... Old School Meets New School

    Finally got an order today that I've been waiting on for a while now! About 4pm, I walk out to the drive way to find that FedEx has dropped 3 boxes off, and this is after their tracking online had told me that I wouldn't get them until this coming Tuesday, which would have made them 3 days...
  4. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    It's funny how the greatest gear (even if its not the most expensive stuff out there, I'm just talking about those pieces of kit that speak to us and just seem to play well with us personally) always seems to be the stuff that we eventually come full circle and right back to before too long...
  5. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    I'm always happy to talk guitars and gear. That's what these forums are supposed to be about at the very heart of things, at least that's my perspective. It's about having a place where guitarists can go talk to other guitarists to try and get information, and there is no better information...
  6. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    you got that right saxon68!! They have definitely gotten to the point that they are easily close enough that I can see why anyone would prefer using their Helix for gigging. Its funny you said what you did in your comment too! As it happens, I actually sent the Pod Go back and I have a Helix...
  7. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    Thanks panoma!! Yea, you're gonna have a LOT of fun with the Captor man! And as far as getting your master past three, well, I run my DSL100HR with EVERYTHING right at or very close to 12 noon (so, 6 when your talking working your way up the notches to 11:hbang:) most of the time with the...
  8. cmsaw83

    MINT Peavey Invective 120w head w/ 10-button footswitch

    Thanks Iron1... I am a member over at SevenString too (don't have a seven string, but I highly doubt I'm the only one) Don't know why I hadn't thought of that. I guess I'm just over here and at the Seymour Duncan forums mostly. I appreciate that, because if there's one place that amp would be...
  9. cmsaw83

    Another Whistle thread - DSL100HR

    Did you ever get this sorted out? It sucks when you find an interesting thread, and then the conclusion isn't shared. There are so many others that may be able to benefit from this kind of information. Especially if it was fixed. It could save people with similar issues a place to start and...
  10. cmsaw83

    Dsl100hr vs jvm and sound gap when changing channels

    This is an interesting thread. I know about gaps in audio with some amps when switching channels. I just got my DSL100HR though, and I have ZERO audio silence when I switch channels or modes. Clean to Crunch and OD1 to OD2 are absolutely seamless, no question about it, and going from either...
  11. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    ibmorjamn thanks man! Captor is DEFINITELY an awesome piece of kit and it will NOT be a regret for you whatsoever! The Captor X has a lot of features that the original Captor doesn't have, but if you go the captor route which is much less expensive at the moment, I ended up finding that there...
  12. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    Hey, thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate that you took the time to check it out. Yeah, it's taken me a while of putting money to the side for this stuff, and not all of it was anticipated. I've been doing alot of tracking/recording lately, so most of the stuff I've been acquiring...
  13. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    NAD/NGD...Got a few deliveries to the house and this is the stuff that was inside the boxes. Yesterday was the Marshall head and was the last of them. I put pics at the bottom of the page in same order as descriptions. 1- Two Notes Torpedo CAB M+ : IR Loader, Cab Sim, DI Box, Clean Preamp...
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