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  1. Georgiatec

    Thoughts on the Marshall JCM2000 DSL401?

    My 401 is a 2009 made model that I picked up for £200. The stock speaker is a Celestion G12T-100 (Marshall Gold Back) which isn't great. I had a 1980 G12-65 that I dropped in mine and that is night and day better. The amp has the same set up as the old Valvestate amps....clean, OD1 &OD2...
  2. Georgiatec

    A shoutout to SV20's

    Just to show the SV20 can deliver the goods at the highest level. I would love to play "My Favourite Mistake" with it still on the set list? 💖💖
  3. Georgiatec

    speaker replacement on a Marshall DSL20CR

    Don't....the Greenback will be fine. Just take time to break it in properly before judging it. Playing it regularly for around a month should do it. 🙂👍
  4. Georgiatec

    Origin 50 vs 2266 Vintage Modern

    I have an Origin 20H, not the 50. Also a Vintage Modern 2266 combo and 2466 with 425 A&B cabs. If one HAD to go, the Origin's out of here. Not even close. That doesn't mean the Origin is a bad's just the Vintage Modern is a bloody good one.
  5. Georgiatec

    1959 hw is it worth buying?

    They are NOT toys mate. If you are in a place where you cannot play loud they are brilliant. I am fortunate, I have a 10 x 7 mtr soundproof recording studio on my property and have both a JCM1 and a Studio SV20. I still use them more than the 100w 2466 or 50w 1987s, simply because they sound so...
  6. Georgiatec

    1959 hw is it worth buying?

    This post shows how little you know about amps. So no, do not buy a 1959 without an attenuator. None of the amps mentioned are "for kids".
  7. Georgiatec

    SC20 loop?

    Some would say a volume drop when using the loop is a feature & benefit. The JMD amps volume increases when switching the loop on, so the same thing but in reverse. I guess a loop level control with the ability to have the return louder or quieter than the through signal would be a welcome...
  8. Georgiatec

    Another NAD - DSL1CR (the ultimate bedroom map?)

    Welcome to the 1 watt club Vin. I used to have a 50th DSL head, which had a different valve compliment to the DSL1r's. I found I didn't need it though as I already had JTM, JMP and JCM 1 watters. Try messing about with the ECC82. I found using one with unbalanced triodes can produce a much more...
  9. Georgiatec

    Rehearsing With SV 20C

    Sounding as good as ever Alvin. 🙂👍
  10. Georgiatec

    Rehearsing With SV 20C

  11. Georgiatec

    What amp is this?

    1974X, probably custom ordered in that colour (you can have them any colour you want, so long as the tolex is available, on a custom order).
  12. Georgiatec

    NAD : 1979 JMP 2203

    Great amp. My 1st Marshall back in 1980.
  13. Georgiatec

    Best cart to haul Marshall heads to gigs, etc.?

    Nice one....sorted then. :thumbs:
  14. Georgiatec

    Best cart to haul Marshall heads to gigs, etc.?

    If I were you I'd build one. Make it so the heads go on lengthways will be easier to get through any doorways. You could put hinged sides and end stops and if you can't find a suitable handle, rope will do. 360 deg. castors are a few bucks from a good hardware store. My DIY skills...
  15. Georgiatec

    Be truthful with me

    The few I have played all sounded pretty good. They were introduced as a more budget orientated amp, with cheaper construction. Some of these led to the overheating issues which other members have mentioned. I think if you were going to use it as a regular gigging amp, playing at higher...
  16. Georgiatec

    Americanisms....Tom A toe, Tom Ah Toe.

    Yes, where and who you learn a language from, as well as your own origins impact on how you sound. I lived in Lyon, France for awhile in the early '80's and, when speaking French, the locals thought I was French Canadian, because of my accent.....that I was unaware I had.
  17. Georgiatec

    Americanisms....Tom A toe, Tom Ah Toe.

    Regional accent is also a big division in common language. It's very hard to understand people from some areas of the UK even though I was born and lived here all my life. Someone with a heavy Liverpudlian accent is tricky, Geordie (Newcastle), even more so....Scots and Irish 🤔
  18. Georgiatec

    Americanisms....Tom A toe, Tom Ah Toe.

    'I could care less".....wrong!! "I couldn't care less"......correct. :thumbs:
  19. Georgiatec

    Americanisms....Tom A toe, Tom Ah Toe.

    Not to my ears....drove is correct, dove is still a bird. When I'm watching the US PGA golf on TV and the pundit says the "ball dove into the hole", I cringe. To me it is the same as playing the wrong notes instead of the right ones.
  20. Georgiatec

    Americanisms....Tom A toe, Tom Ah Toe.

    There are many liberties taken with the English language by our American brothers and sisters. The one that annoys me the most is dove, as in the past tense of dive. The correct word is dived.....dove is one of our feathered friends as in white, collared, turtle etc. "The man dove into the...