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  1. Eddiemc05

    Faceplate For My 72 Superlead?

    Can you still get a hold of the metal faceplate from 1972 100w superlead? There seems to be plexiglass reproductions on eBay etc but not the metal ones. Although I'm probably being unnecessarily fussy
  2. Eddiemc05

    1972 super lead

    I also have a 72 superlead but it doesnt have 4 outputs on the rear,,, just 2 l+r....and its still got the old round power cable socket, not like urs?
  3. Eddiemc05

    JCM 900 effects loop ?

    Bummer!!! And i know the feeling, however blowing my power tranny was the best thing i ever did cuz now theres a brand new one in lol
  4. Eddiemc05 - what's the deal?

    Hi,,, jimis music store is very well known over here,,, jimi also posts new and used gear on fb and plays some great guitar on the fb group Guitarist Ireland.. however i dont know his association with, id simply imagine that he has advertised some of his vintage gear there...
  5. Eddiemc05

    Connecting Rack Fx In Fx Loop

    Re: connecting rack fx in fx loop Thanks, i think that helps i need to connect both R+L outputs on jmp to R+L inputs on roctron?
  6. Eddiemc05

    Connecting Rack Fx In Fx Loop

    Howdy marshall friends im hoping to get some advice on the best way to connect a few rack units to 2 half stacks, my jcm900 4100 head and my vm head each out to their own cabs, I want to use a jmp1 and rocktron expession, hoping to get that stereo sound with panning delays etc,,, i...
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  8. Eddiemc05

    seriously? is this really what they cost?
  9. Eddiemc05

    Some rare pinstripe gear at sensible prices.

    Id like to see some tolex bare gear for sale ;)
  10. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    No thanks kuli,, all you negitive heads ;) are making me think i need to keep lol
  11. Eddiemc05

    Carter Vintage lash ups

    Now thats a shame!!!
  12. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    Why...its still rocks! & smells alot nicer? It was in a shame of a condition when i got it... and i still have all the tolex in a decontamination bag ;)
  13. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    Yeah they look similar to the tubes that where in originaly. Thank you.. does anyone know the size of the spaces for the logo holes? So i can determine what logo size i need
  14. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    Thanks for the info neikeel... the tubes where there but the flange was worn off...the cab must have been pushed along a stone floor for a long time...with no wheels on....i punched out the rest of the tubes a while ago... pretty sure original grill was basketweave...
  15. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    Hi all ive been really really enjoying my cab again... just love the tones im getting with a modern head and some fx.. over my other cabs, jcm900 & vintage modern 4x12s it just is so much nicer!! So time to do some more work to it,, considering ive already sacriliged it lol.... I need a...
  16. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    Hey man.. no i didnt drill or cut etc... its still got the tolex and badge on its back, but imho i saved this cab for being dumped by previous owner,, the original tolex would have caused a medical epidemic if id have left it on.... i got it to only £10!!!!! So in terms of value i win,, no...
  17. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    Thanks dude :)
  18. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    Thanks.. i was so pist off looking at the dirty mouldy stained tolex, but yeah i guess its not to everyones taste but im happy with how it looks and more importantly how good it still sounds
  19. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

  20. Eddiemc05

    old 4x12...?

    Another mad time bump!! What yaz think?