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  1. yafal

    Dsl Chokes Past 4 In Ultra Gain

    Hi folks. I have this DSL 100H w/ two 1960 B cabs, and use it with a Gibson V w/500T & 496R pickups . When I crank the ultra gain past 4, and pick hard in drop C, the sound chokes, almost as if there were too much bass: the overall volume lowers and, one second later, resumes normal volume...
  2. yafal

    marshall 8008 input sensitivity

    Hi guys! I'm matching a tube preamp I made to a 8008 power amp (it sounds great!) BUT I wonder if any of you know the 8008 rated input sensitivity. I searched the web but couldn't get it, and the owner's manual doesn't say a word! Thanks!
  3. yafal

    Adding a preamp tube to a 1987/1959

    Hi. My band pal uses a couple of heads one 1987 an the other a 1959, both reissue from the mid nineties. He asked me to up the gain and I started to mess with the idea of changing the whole circuit to a SL-X which I love. BUT of course, I have to add a third preamp tube. No prob with that, but...