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  1. Richie612

    Ibanez RG550 Genesis

    The S1 pickup in the middle position, what's the deal with it?! It seems to be noiseless but I can't find anything about its description to say so. Not complaining at all I just wonder how Ibanez can make them so quiet (if it's not noiseless)
  2. Richie612

    Fender Player Plus Telecaster

    Has anyone got one of these? Not the Nashville one but the standard 2 pickup model. What are your thoughts on the Tele. Rich
  3. Richie612

    Telecaster Bug

    Really really want to get a Tele. Since I'm getting older now (39) I'm gravitating towards more melodic music. The shred doesn't really interest me as much now as it just tends to sound a bit dull and everyone seems to be doing it. I'm after some advice from people who have experience with...
  4. Richie612

    Marshall Dsl 40 cr

    Hello guys I have a problem. Not long had my dsl40cr and it's never been played with the master volume past 2. Today the red light on the power switch has begun to go off and on. Amp is turned on but the red light isn't! Has anyone had this issue before and is there a fix? I'm not too bothered...
  5. Richie612

    Which Reverb do you like?

    Hello guys and girls. As the Reverb on my DSL is shocking what would you recommend? Is the Boss RV-6 as good as the price or is there just as good for cheaper?
  6. Richie612

    Pedal Board and Power Supply.

    Hi guys, here to pick your brains and after looking through the previous topics I can't see anything that similar. Here goes. I currently use just an overdrive with my DSL but as the reverb is so weak I need a reverb pedal. I'll also be using my Overdrive pedal which is a Boss Sd-1 and it's...
  7. Richie612


    Hi folks, I'm after some advice on an attenuator. I'd like to run my Dsl40r hot to get the best tone but at quiet levels for home use. Does anyone use an attenuator and what would you recommend? Many thanks Rich
  8. Richie612

    Charvel output Jack

    Any other Charvel owners hate the output jack position? Constantly needs tightening up and have to remove the cable everytime to put the guitar down facing upward. Unfortunately the new 2022 guitars also have this jack position.
  9. Richie612

    Dimarzio Cliplock

    I'm after a new strap and like the look of these plus it'll be a lot easier to remove the strap and keep the locking part on the guitar. Trouble is they're made of that...
  10. Richie612

    Evertune bridge.

    Ok so what's the deal with these? Just checked out the new 2022 guitars from Ibanez and a LOT come with these bridges. I can see the advantage that they bring but aren't they a pig to set up. Worse, lot worse than a Floyd and to change string gauge must be even worse. What's your thoughts? Rich
  11. Richie612

    Upgraded nut.

    Hello guys I'm looking to upgrade the nut on my Charvel. It's a Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 2 HT in Okoume
  12. Richie612

    Technique section?

    Just wondering if a technique section would be good on this great forum. I'm sure there are elsewhere but this is the only guitar forum I've joined since I'm an avid Marshall user. I say this because I'm struggling to figure out a picking order. At the moment I'm into learning Iron Maiden solos...
  13. Richie612

    Fret polish

    Hello guys and girls, what do you prefer to use? I've used autosol and microfibre to good use in the past but it's quite abrasive. I used masking tape (painters tape) on the fretboard before you all go mad haha. Rich
  14. Richie612


    After a metronome that actually sounds pleasing. What do you use and recommend guys? I use a Korg MA-2 and an old Seiko SQ50 The Seiko is good but hasn't got an adjustable volume. Kork sounds really thin and I want to run it over with a steam roller. Rich
  15. Richie612

    Ibanez RG550 genesis

    This issue applies to all guitars not just the RG. It arrived with a little issue, can't be bothered re-packaging and paying for posting it back to the shop. The issue is with the pickup selector switch (5 way). Sometimes the switch needs an extra nudge to engage the bridge pickup fully. All...
  16. Richie612

    Boss SD-1

    Hello guys and girls. I've not long had my Dsl40cr and in the process of bedding in the original speaker. Thought I'd have a play with the Sd1 in front of the amp for a little today and wow! Set the tone on the pedal to taste, level pretty high at around 75% and the drive around 10%. Totally...
  17. Richie612

    Blackstar Dept. 10

    Has anyone used one of these? Some mixed reviews on YouTube of course but the good ones are clearly paid promotions. What doesn't make sense to me is that putting a load of pedals like this into your amp seems to take away your own amps tone and character. Is it worth buying a decent amp and...
  18. Richie612

    Fx loop

    The issues with the fx loop and volume drop are quite quite common for the dsl and solved by using true bypass pedals. What delay pedals are best for true bypass? Currently using a boss dd7 which isn't true bypass and the volume drop is present. What are you using guys and girls? Rich
  19. Richie612

    Marshall DSL20

    Hello guys I've recently purchased a DSL20 combo and not very pleased with it at all. Bought as an upgrade to my Peavey Valveking 112 as I fancied something a bit more modern. Plugged in today and very dissapointed. Not enough gain for fast technical playing Lots of hiss even at low volume...