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  1. Barfly

    I'm exhausted.

    My dudes. I am wiped out tonight. Having another guiness extra foreign stout and then going to nod out. I had to respond to an accident at work involving 9 vehicles. No bleeders but people were pretty banged up. Depressing. Just another day. Stay safe, m.f'ers.
  2. Barfly

    I saw this on another forum, but... post your favorite song that you ever wrote. Let's hear 'em.

    Share your favorite song that you ever wrote.
  3. Barfly

    sticky-stiff pots

    Hi all.. several (4) pots on my 1988 JCM 800 have gotten very hard to turn.all the others turn very easily. I emailed a tech I am friends with (he lives one state over) and he suggested if I spray a drop of wd40 on the shaft "that should do it." I tried it and it didn't work. The only...
  4. Barfly

    N.P.D. Richie Kotzen OMG pedal into Clean Mesa Lonestar.

    Hello you M.F'ers... I hope you're all well. I have not been playing for quite some time now but I am trying to get back in the saddle. I picked up this pedal which I think is amazing. It's a Tech21 Richie Kotzen OMG. I'm loving it. Just arrived today and I've gone and fired up the clean...
  5. Barfly

    Merry Christmas! Here's a little Christmas Ditty for you MF'ers.

    I hope you and your family are enjoying each other and the holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
  6. Barfly

    Original song.

    Hi all, Having some drinks and listening to my songs while my wife sleeps at my side dreaming of shoes... I will share this for a bit. I (Big Mouth (EMI/Manhattan, Atlantic), Barfly (R.C.A.) and Mind Riot (The gutters of NYC)) wrote and arranged the music... my mates Nick Bowcott ( Grim...
  7. Barfly

    Merry Christmas, M.F'ers. An old little ditty.

    I forgot about this song until my great friend Jimmy asked about it. I want to do a new, revamped version from scratch but decided, thanks to the approaching holiday to pop it on here for you guys and 1 gal. :) I don't love it but it was my first crack at writing a Christmas tune. I am...
  8. Barfly

    Keeley The Rat into my mesa at shoe box volume.

    I can't tell you guys how low I am noodling. It's super low! into my iPhone. Guitar is a 48th Street Custom (ESP branch) Amp is a Mesa Lonestar Combo. I loooooove this pedal!!!!!
  9. Barfly


    Got my Pro co, Keeley modded, The Rat2 (I think, lol) in the mail. I am loving it. It's a one trick (2 at most) pony but so far, dynamite. I've settled in on the Mighty Mouse mode, at least on the Mesa. I have it hooked up to the Mesa Lonestar and it's definitely super crunchy. I use the...
  10. Barfly

    Jam pedal- Rattler ltd.

    NooooooO! no! Me likey. Me wantee.
  11. Barfly

    Distortion/ Overdrive. What channel should I be using?

    So.. I have *ALWAYS* used distortion or Overdrive pedals with a slightly dirty dirty channel. Researching a future G.A.S. purchase; a Keeley modded Pro Co Rat 2... I went on Youtube and noticed that every demo for any pedal I looked at was done on an amp's clean channel. Sacrebleu! Have I...
  12. Barfly

    I hate changing strings.

    Even when I only had 2 or 3 guitars, I've hated changing strings. This was pre- Floyd; with a Floyd it's an even bigger drag and mind you, I leave the strings on forever before I do swap 'em out. Taking them off... cleaning the neck gunk... oiling the fret board and sanded necks... getting...
  13. Barfly

    Poll: Drink of choice?

    Yo, mothers freakers and ladies, So... what are we having? I'm cooking jerk chicken, rice, green beans and gravy for dinner and while I do, well... having some Cabernet Sauvignon. You?
  14. Barfly

    Post a photo of you playing the guitar when you were young.

    Hi all, I saw this on a different forum and thought it was a great post. Get digging, drive on.. get those old photos out! Post em. This is me and my High School best friend playing at a club out on Long Island, NY. He's Rick Springfield's guitarist now. I'm not. I am in the center...
  15. Barfly

    If I won you $1,000.00, what...

    Years ago we used to have pools at work that we'd all go into. I won quite a few nice ones and my co-worker never did. I didn't want to go in on some big horse race.. Kentucky Derby? I forget... but my c0-worker buddy did. My co-worker was off from work and asked me to pick his horse (you...
  16. Barfly

    Is There No One Else????? Lol

    I get it.. the joy of putting cracks in your walls from sheer marshall volume. I don't ever get there anymore but I remember.. lol; I get it. The thing is, I enjoy playing at a whisper volume as well. The tone change doesn't stop me from enjoying my playtime. The only time I play loud...
  17. Barfly

    Anyone Here Car Mechanically Inclined?

    ? One of my older cars sometimes acts like the car battery is dead. Occasionally I turn the key and I hear 1 click. If I turn the key rapidly 6 or 7 times it starts. Lights and dummy lights look strong... old battery was doing the same ( I just replaced w/ new batt) Mechanic's are useless so...
  18. Barfly

    Original Throw Back Song.

    Hi all, Work's been nuts so I haven't been writing but tonight while listening to old material I ran across this and a few other songs. I think this was part of my last musical gasp before giving up on my music related dreams. The band was SUICIDE BRIDE. I wrote the music for 4 songs on this cd...
  19. Barfly

    My Instru-mental.

    I've been really unmotivated for a while so I figured I'd try and get out of it. I think the only instrumental I ever wrote I did while in beginning of high school. Well, here goes. Hard rock with all solos. I'm exhausted. I did a rough mix but now it's time for key lime pie and cable. I...
  20. Barfly

    Original Remixed.

    Hi All, I posted this maybe 2 years ago. I am having probs with my notebook I record on so instead I am going back and trying to improve the mixes of older songs as best I can. This is a slow orchestrated number I wrote, arranged, played everything except drums and vocals ( I wrote the...