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  1. Travis398

    Mojotone OT to JCM 900

    If all your colors match this than I would guess Orange and Blue. Use an ohm meter and check resistance to verify..... Orange and blue would be the highest reading if below is correct. followed by Orange and yellow and then Orange and violet or green.
  2. Travis398

    Glen's Trainwreck.

  3. Travis398

    Glen's Trainwreck.

    I've never seen an original but I did built a clone. You've already heard all the descriptions so I agree..... It's a different kind of amp It requires a more aware player to know how far to dial it back. Overall I found the build easier than average.........5 knobs 5 tubes no choke no...
  4. Travis398

    JVM410H BIAS problem after modding and retubing - SOLVED :-)

    Im confused, it was just bad tubes?
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  6. Travis398


    seems fine to me
  7. Travis398

    2204 Build with Marstran OT

    I've done this too, so i know it's a good feeling when you realize it.
  8. Travis398

    Maxed out power tubes then an output volume?

    The Tube amp Expander is another option that works really well, I know a lot of other guys here use it as well.
  9. Travis398

    Replacing Middle Potentiometer on my Jcm 800 4104

    22k linear is my guess......I would try and get a reading off it when you pull it out to confirm.
  10. Travis398

    Abusing GC/SV20C Content

    Not sure I could live with a 10"
  11. Travis398

    Power transformer help! JTM-45

    7.3 would be acceptable if you use KT66, but as mentioned above not very good for el-34s
  12. Travis398


    Sourmash to the rescue...........again
  13. Travis398

    Metro JTM45 Question

    Pete is right about the size "honking big" that is the one thing that sucks about the old ones they take up a lot of bench space. Getting something smaller and modern would be nice. Probably why so many old ones are available.
  14. Travis398

    Need help determining amp lead 2203 believe its 80's, condition, value,and it well be for sale

    I wouldn't cover serial numbers, it contains no personal information, and proves the amp is what it is. If it is covered I would suspect foul play.
  15. Travis398

    Power transformer help! JTM-45

    Yes just cut and insulate unused wires. I leave the unused secondaries long and insulate incase I want to change voltage later. But not necessary if you aren't planning on changing taps.
  16. Travis398

    SOLD - '78 JMP 2104 combo [2204]

    nice looking amp
  17. Travis398


    Just to update I did get the sourmash cabinet for this. Those guys must be busy because every time I order a head cabinet it takes longer and longer, 5 weeks for this one. I don't mind the wait I'm never in a hurry. Work has gone into pre covid status for me (work all the time) so time is...
  18. Travis398

    Metro JTM45 Question

    Sounds like it's time to change that. Nice thing about working on tube amps is you don't need a hi-tech expensive scope. Them old ones work fine, usually around $100 or less. It's nothing more than a glorified volt meter so it won't take you long to get the hang of it, and if you do blow it up...
  19. Travis398

    Metro JTM45 Question

    sounds like oscillation to me....Sucking all the power from the amp. Whats it look like on the scope?