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  1. LPMarshall hack

    I'll Leave If You Hate Me Enough

    The internet is serious business.
  2. LPMarshall hack

    Looking for a good thread

    Search for something by Grunch
  3. LPMarshall hack

    Nutty Girls...

    I can’t get my left hand to go that fast
  4. LPMarshall hack

    For fun and nostalgia

    Crate Stealth!
  5. LPMarshall hack

    Nutty Girls...

    I could never be with a girl who plays like that. How could I ever expect to satisfy her?
  6. LPMarshall hack

    How clean does it need to be?

    For me…I never play clean
  7. LPMarshall hack

    I need a way to boost the VOLUME of an already od boosted JCM800

    What about an EQ pedal up front, with the level up high? Step on it for the boost…would that not work?
  8. LPMarshall hack

    NCD! 1960 Classic

    Nice! You dont see too many of these. I have one as fave!
  9. LPMarshall hack


    Those weren't real scissor fingers?
  10. LPMarshall hack

    JCM900 SL-X & MKlll

    Yea this guy talks way too much.
  11. LPMarshall hack

    Is JCM800 2210 just a 2203 with more gain?

    My co- guitarist has a 2210. Not sure how it compares to a 2203, but his amp screams…it’s a total beast.
  12. LPMarshall hack

    1960 Classic cab same as 1960ax?

    They seem harder to find…not sure the years of production but mine is from 1995. Get it!
  13. LPMarshall hack

    1960 Classic cab same as 1960ax?

    Yep…same except the Classic has the typical black grill. I have one…great cab!
  14. LPMarshall hack

    Your first Marshall was...

    50 watt JCM900 MK3 from 1990. Still gig it. Bought sight unseen from eBay in 2002 for $500. Didn’t know shit about Marshall’s then…only knew I wanted one. Got lucky!
  15. LPMarshall hack

    Shotgun Girl Is Back

    So fill us in!
  16. LPMarshall hack

    Old gear, new pic

    We need a middle finger emoji.
  17. LPMarshall hack

    Do You Gig with a Back-Up Head? - I had H.T. Fuse Blow! Tube-Change Frequency?

    Never had to use my back up yet. Fingers crossed. My backup is a EH .44 Magnum amp pedal with an SD-1 in front of it. It’s a killer sounding rig all on its own too. Tubes? Like strings, I never change them until they break.
  18. LPMarshall hack

    what flashlight

    You guys have dirty minds
  19. LPMarshall hack

    what flashlight

    Been using one of these for over ten years… Edit: oops, misread the title again
  20. LPMarshall hack

    Here's some of my older material

    Sounded really good Vin. Singer sounded a little Rob Thomas-ey as well. Nice playing!