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  1. Saberslash

    Turning on head accidentally without speaker attached question

    First of all, sorry if there is already similar topic in the forum :) My question is, today I accidentally turned on my Marshall Silver Jubilee head for approximately 2 minutes (maybe less) without speaker attached to head. As soon as I noticed I shut it off, afterwards I reconnected everything...
  2. Saberslash

    Help me organize my Marshall amp rig

    Okay guys, I am torn between some options and I think I need your help with my Marshall Amps and equipment so please advice, maybe someone can have more objective view looking from 3rd person perspective... Currently I own: 1. Marshall DSL1 1w head 2. Marshall Silver Jubilee 20w Combo 3...
  3. Saberslash

    Hello from Croatia

    Hello guys, my name is Goran, I am 26 years old software developer from Croatia, currently playin in local hard rock band, and owner of DSL1 head, Silver Jubilee 1x12 and 2x12 slanted cabs, Silver Jubille Combo, Orange Rocker 15 head, Boss Katana Mini, 2018 Gibson Les Paul Classic Ebony and 2021...
  4. Saberslash

    DSL1 head pop sound when turned off

    Hey guys, is it normal to hear pop sound when I press off button on DSL1 head, even though I put all to 0 before turning it off? Maybe that is because lack of standby switch? On silver jubillee combo I do not have that sound. thanks in advance

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