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  1. jensbrix

    Question regarding unusual placement of Jose MV

    I've been looking into rebuilding a 5w amp I have lying around. It will use one 12AX7 in the preamp, and I will set both up as plate driven gainstages. Normally the Jose MV is placed after a cathode follower, and my knowledge on clipping diodes is somewhat limited. Will there be any...
  2. jensbrix

    New amp day, finally got a JVM410H after several years of drooling !

    As the title says, I finally got myself a JVM 410H, and it's absolutely astonishing. Have been drooling over this amp for years, and always wanted to get it, but never find one local or at a price I could pay. But yesterday, i finally got one, for around 1100$. From 2010, and in absolute mint...
  3. jensbrix

    Proper recording with my modded SL-X

    Helped one of my old bands recording a cover the other day, and here's my guitar tracks. I fucking dig the sound from my SL-X with the mods it has, check it out. Cab is Greenbacks and T75s :headbanger:
  4. jensbrix

    NGD - ESP Horizon + recording!

    Just got this badboy, it's fucking amazing :) (Camera sucks, smashed my phone at a party this weekend, so using a very old phone :( ) It's a really beautiful guitar, and it plays amazing. Have to find a neck pickup for it though, haven't decided yet. I made a quick recording with...
  5. jensbrix

    Had a massive hangover today, so i made a song, check it out :)

    Not so much to say, was in mood to make some metal-ish thingy, and this is what came out after a handful of hours, have a listen :) New metal-ish stuff by jensbrix on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free :headbanger:
  6. jensbrix

    Youtube with my heavily modified SL-X, check it out :)

    Not much to say really, just some random riffs and noodling to show some of the tones I get out of my SL-X :) :headbanger:
  7. jensbrix

    First single from my band's new demo is out!

    Please check out our new single, first of 3 from our upcoming demo EP :) Garage And like our Facebook page ;) :headbanger:
  8. jensbrix

    Refinish project: Jackson Kelly

    As said earlier, I was gonna refinish my Jackson, and it's finally being done :) We've been working on the guitar since yesterday, but unfortunately I've lost all the pictures from the sanding, priming, ..., until as it is now. More pics to come when we start on clearcoat and polishing. But...
  9. jensbrix

    Tried the JCM1 yesterday - my oppinion

    To start out with my conclusion, it sounded like balls, didnt like it at all. I expected great tube tone at low volume, but what it gave me was buckets of fizz. Ive heard ss amps that sounded better, seriously. And the price? Wtf. I bought a DSL 401 for a third of the price some time ago, and it...
  10. jensbrix

    Gonna refinish my Jackson soon, check out this picture!

    So this is my plan: Gonna make a thread with a lot of work in progress pics :) But let me know what you think of the design :dude:
  11. jensbrix

    Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 modding

    As promised, I made a thread where I'm modding my DSL 401 that I bought recently. Still haven't gone mod crazy with it yet, just did some basic stuff: tightened the lows a bit, removed some of the harsh treble, and made the difference between OD1 and OD2 smaller (OD1 more gain). Check all the...
  12. jensbrix

    NAD - got a DSL401!

    Got this 2001 combo for 300$ in mint condition :) It actually sounds much better than expected, especially when plugging into a 4x12. Maybe a speaker swap in future. Anyways, Im gonna perform a few mods to it, a bit more classic voicing, and also tighten the lows, so it sounds more like my main...
  13. jensbrix

    Marshall DSL 401

    I found this pretty local, seller will drop it off at my place for around 300$. Is it go or no go? I'm very happy with my Marshall stack, not looking for a new main amp, but it would be cool with a "small" combo. So, is 300$ a steal, and is it a good buy? Or should i keep my money
  14. jensbrix

    NGD - Ibanez Artcore AF75 hollowbody

    Just got this, traded it for a Standard Mexico Telecaster + 100$ my way (pretty good trade actually!) and it's friggin awesome :) My first ever hollowbody, can't wait to play it at rehearsal with one of my bands tonight Color is called Neo Western Metallic Black or something. I don't give...
  15. jensbrix

    A little thing I'm wondering about EQ sections

    Why is it that some people often says that "X amp is responding much more to the EQ than Y" and such, when like 90% of all the Marshall have the same values in the EQ section. Like, why is many people EQing a DSL or a JVM much different from 2203s and 1959s when it's the same EQ values? In my...
  16. jensbrix

    New cab day - Greenback time!

    Got this new cab today (the bottom one), which is a 1960B but with G12M Greenbacks in it. Next time i go to the rehearsal room I'll do 3 different speaker setups (V30/T75; V30/Greenback; Greenback/T75) and decide which to use in future. Only have my 5w amp at home at the moment, but i can still...
  17. jensbrix

    Modded SL-X clips, before and after

    So i got this SL-X a half year ago, and have modded it alot by now. Apart from getting EL34 instead of 5881s, it has several circuit changes, and the V1 is run in parallel like in a Plexi. I'm not done modding it yet, I've heard things after I recorded it that I don't notice when just playing...
  18. jensbrix

    Tried a YJM today!

    I've been dying to try this amp, as I've never had the chance to play a 4-holer where I could get the preamp volume knobs up at all! Tried it beside the AFD also, both are nice sounding amps, both doing separate things, but the sensation was bigger with the YJM. It's a shame it's so expensive...
  19. jensbrix

    JCM 900 SL-X mod idea - parallel input, please help

    Hi guys, First, I have a question that's been puzzling me for quite some time. The second triode of the V1 in a SL-X is a cathode follower. Why? I've never seen that before on any Marshall, having a cathode follower before the gain knob and rest of preamp. It shouldn't really change the sound...
  20. jensbrix

    My band's single+musicvideo finally done!

    Check it out, and please leave a comment :) Black Kite - Put Away The Gun - YouTube And feel free to spam it all over the internet :D

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