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  1. Carl M

    Marshall power scaling? (Origin series etc)

    Does anyone know how Marshall's power scaling is working? I had a London Power power scaling kit installed in my Lead 50s (1987) and it's a bit of a nightmare to balance the power scaling pot with the drive compansation pot (or pots). But the way Marshall do it with just a three way switch in...
  2. Carl M

    Origin 20 - What brands of tubes are they shipping with. Should I consider replacing any of them?

    Just picked up a nearly new Origin 20H which has been used in a studio for about 10 hours for a project. I have several other Marshalls and the reason for buying the Origin 20H is because I really wanted to try an EL34 Marshall head at 0,5w driving a good 1x12 in the next room at sensible...
  3. Carl M

    '72 SB restore: Can I use 0.022uF/160V NOS Mustard caps in the preamp section?

    I am restoring a '72 Super Bass which has had its preamp replaced by a preamp on a separate board by a previous owner. Apart from the preamp section which was empty except for the turrets, the rest of the amp was untouched when I bought it, except for the presence control and the ware-out-parts...

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