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    Cherry Burst Thinline - Got some pickups

    So... on this latest build, I really didn't know what to put in for pickups. This is a beautiful body with the semi-flame top and Honduran Mahogany back with a Chamoiré grain pattern. I've always preferred noiseless single coil pickups but I really want an authentic sound for this guitar. I...
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    Best cirtuit ever

    xkcd: Circuit Diagram
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    Silver Jubilee Tolex (for 2*12 cab)

    I have 2 sets of Silver Jubilee Tolex for 2x12 Marshall cabs. Price is 85.00 + shipping. Other sizes available but the 2x12 stuff is a one shot deal. PM me for details.
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    Celestion V30 pair 8Ω

    I have a pair of Celestion V30s I need to sell. They are 8ohms. One is made in the UK, the other in China. I'd be happy with $185.00 for the pair.
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    That's it, I'm done

    building my Anthracite Strat. I only have a couple of projects to complete b4 I start the other ones.
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    What a GREAT! tune and great guitar work/tone

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man - YouTube
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    Fireberd X not available in all stores

    Hitler reacts to not getting a Firebird X - YouTube!
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    Setting the bias on a JCM2000 TSL/DSL.

    Just finished this. Marshall DSL Bias
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    Need some 12AX7s - Preferred series 7025?

    I need to buy some 12AX7 preamp tubes as a lot of my tubes are getting weak. I was on the tubestore site and saw these: Preferred Series 7025 They look very interesting. Has anyone here tried them?
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    Genuine White Marshall Elephant Grain Tolex

    Is anyone here interested in this stuff? I might be getting a roll of the stuff, but before I proceed, I'd like to know if anyone is actually interested in buying this in the coming weeks. Importing an entire roll can get expensive so I would do it only if there's real hard interest. Price on...
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    Strat Tone Controls - How do you use them?

    I'm mainly a humbucker guy, which probably explains why I like the Fender SCN single coil pickups so much because the top end is so smooth, they're powerful and have good low end. I'm now experimenting with other pickup types on my new build and I realize that single coils are bright! Do...
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    Marshall patents

    Why didn't Marshall patent the 4x12 cab and the general shape of the heads? There are so many companies copying the Marshall look, its not even funny. :confused:
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    Dokken and George Lynch RULE!

    That is all.
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    totally gas'ing for a Harley Sportster Custom XL

    Title says it all. These things are beautiful: 2012 Sportster Motorcycle | Classic Style | Harley-Davidson Canada
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    My Latest Build. Anthracite Strat, Flame & Birdseye neck

    This is a guitar that started out as an experiment for a cherry burst strat. I basically practiced my burst technique on the body. The body is Alder and after I completed my bursting technique practicing on it, I decided to spray it in my own custom mixed color. This was my first time working...
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    Dokken's In My Dreams

    Just finished recording this today. Not sure I'm happy with the solo. I doubled it but I think it could be better. The version on the Right speaker is slightly better executed IMO. Let me know if you have any comments. I'll re-work it in the coming days and might re-record some of the...
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    Boutique Guitar Picks?

    Yeah, you saw it here 1st: Two "Boutique" Guitar Picks - Ottawa Musical Instruments For Sale - Kijiji Ottawa Canada. LOL!
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    Plexi - Is it a JTM45 or a JMP50?

    WTF is this? 1968 Marshall Plexi - Mint - not a re-issue - Ottawa Musical Instruments For Sale - Kijiji Ottawa Canada. I'd go out and see it but I'm curious as to what it might be. The front panel says JMP but the back says JTM45.
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    Bad night @ gig?

    Had a gig yesterday and I just didn't feel it. The tone coming from the amp was weird (odd acoustics in the room) and I played like crap. I hate it when that happens. :mad:
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    MHD Pickups - Are they alive?

    I've been waiting on completing a deal with MHD Pickups since April 3rd and I was supposed to get a refund.... but I'm still waiting for it and MHD hasn't been responding via email or PM through the forum. :confused: