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  1. Sir Don

    R.I.P. Alan White, Drummer for Yes

    Vale Alan White.
  2. Sir Don

    New amp day jmp 2204

    I sure love mine!
  3. Sir Don

    Marshall SS amps

    I don't know much about ss Marshalls because I only have a couple of 5005's. so I have to say they're my favourite.
  4. Sir Don

    5150 Iconic....Wow!

    I just received my Iconic 80 watt head last Friday. I'm running it through a 1960B cabinet with 75's. This thing puts out an incredible heavy tone. Not for everybody but it suits me. The clean channel is tonally very rich and smooth. I'm using my GT1000 4CM which takes it to another level...
  5. Sir Don

    SC20C or H: what am I getting for the ticket price?

    A lot of pages is an understatement. 312 to be exact.
  6. Sir Don

    New (just out of the box) C5H

    Why did you get rid of the combo? I find the Class 5 to be an underrated amp. If you're after that kind of power stage break up it's quite good.
  7. Sir Don

    DSL40CR Ultra Channel too compressed

    My experience is that if I have to keep wrestling with an amp to get the tone I require then it's probably not the amp for me, just sayin'.
  8. Sir Don

    Bbe sonic maximizer through effects loop.

    I have one and, interestingly, I found that it worked best with my silver jubilee 2555, not so good with any of my other amps.
  9. Sir Don

    Marshall Combo

    I agree, and priced accordingly.
  10. Sir Don

    Sound coming out of amp head (jvm)

    There is no problem with your amp. Let's move on.
  11. Sir Don

    LP Standard NGD

    Very nice. Enjoy.
  12. Sir Don

    Tell me about the JCM1

    Put it in context, when the boost switch on the JCM1 is engaged I think it tends to compress and muddy up the amplifier. My 2555 is a totally different beast.
  13. Sir Don

    Tell me about the JCM1

    Personally don't think it's the Jubilee sound. I just find it compresses the sound and makes it a bit more muddy.
  14. Sir Don

    RIP Taylor Hawkins

    This is shocking news, he was one of the last hard hitting rock drummers out there. RIP.
  15. Sir Don

    I'm getting a JVM

    The midi switching with the JVM is fantastic. I use my Boss GT1000 with the four cable method through the loop and just couldn't imagine any other set up that would surpass this one. I don't use any of the GT's pre-amps, all overdrive comes from the amp itself.
  16. Sir Don

    Brimar- The Great British Valve Project!

    Yeah, I know that.
  17. Sir Don

    Brimar- The Great British Valve Project!

    I bought 4 el34's from them a year ago, not installed yet but it just adds to my collection of tubes for the time being.
  18. Sir Don

    Ceriatone Plexi51 AllAccess build

    Amazing, you should be justifiably proud of that work, well done!
  19. Sir Don

    Jcm 2000 no sound

    So what you're saying is that everything appears normal but then asking what could be wrong with it? Take it to a tech.

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